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Setting up your rally

This chapter is going the shed light on the main rally types.

Generally, there are 3 of them:

  1. Mass AOE setup;
  2. Distraction setup;
  3. Usual setup,

But it is also possible to outline 2 specific rally types:

  • Bosses killing setup;
  • Specific heroes-based setups.
  1. Mass AOE setup.

This setup is mainly built of heroes that have AOE damaging spells and is aimed at killing regular enemies. By using many AOE spells at once in the same area, you can severely damage regular units or even kill them very fast. However, for this strategy to be successful, several important points are to be considered:

  1. Several heroes with AOE spells, better if some of them have heavy dmg spells;
    1. Good equipment, usually maximizing the ability power.

Appropriate heroes: Ember, Xenara, Mark VI, Avarina, Dorfin, Lidia.

This setup struggles against big enemies and bosses, so it’s also advised to have several heroes that are effective against bosses ready to join the rally in any time.

Also, it is important to notice that such a setup mostly uses fragile ranged heroes, so it is necessary to think about tanking in the rally. It is possible to use:

  1. Hero-tanks and
    1. Squad-tanks.

If the tanking is based on a hero-tank then Dwoggour is a must-have hero. And in this case, the rally will struggle against mass melee enemies which will proceed to your backline in the very beginning of the battle, so having some melee squads is recommended as well.

If the tanking is generally based on the squad-tanks, then the rally may struggle against the enemies with AOE damage or spells. However, in this case, it is possible only to upgrade one unit’s evolution branch and save a lot of gold. Such kinds of rallies are weak in long battles (4-5 waves of enemies) and in dungeons. This could be partly solved by using Gulbert.

  • Distraction setup.

This rally type is based on distracting enemies on the summoned units, reducing enemies’ dps, stunning them, etc. The purpose of such a setup is to make enemies punch anything but your real troops, or, if he still does attack your real forces, do so as weak as possible, and heal back the damage done.

Appropriate heroes: Uland, Aatu, Morana, Droz, Alexandra, Dwoggour.

Also possible: Lilein, Lidia, Sol, Gulbert, Dorfin.

Also hero-tanks are effectively used in this setup.

It is important to understand, that a rally based on these heroes, has a very low dps, so it will struggle on the missions with low time limits. However, such kinds of rallies are very powerful in the long-term perspective.

Almost all heroes in this setup will wear tanky equipment sets.

  • Usual setup.

Despite its name, it’s not so easy to build a strong usual rally. There is no clear pattern to how it is formed. Generally it’s a mixture of everything, however, here are some tips for making it more effective:

  1. AOE isn’t recommended. If AOE isn’t massed, it has a tiny impact. It deals some damage but doesn’t kill the enemies. Basically, it just does nothing for some period of time until it’s used enough times against the same enemies to finish them off. This takes a lot of time, often makes no sense and is barely possible.
    1. Don’t use only ranged or only melee heroes, strike a good balance between them. By having only ranged types you are weak against mass melee enemies who can rush your backline right from the beginning and occupy the ranged heroes and units. By having only melee types, units will waste a lot of time messing around and will be unable to reach enemies due to the small battlefield size. Also, this is vulnerable against AOE damage.
    1. It’s recommended to have a hero-tank, but don’t use more than one.
  • Bosses killing setup.

This is a very situational setup that can’t be used as a main rally usually. This rally is only effective in slaying bosses but is weak against usual stages. So usually it’s used in pair with a mass AOE setup.

First of all, it’s necessary to bring the armor-reducing heroes in. These are: Xenara, Hurgoth and Sir Kramer. It’s possible to use all of them or only some depending on the final setup.

Then it’s possible to boost dps even more by using ranged units with high dps (but if there are no such units in the main rally it’s not advised to waste money on upgrading additional units for this setup). These units will deal more damage to the boss due to its reduced armor from the heroes mentioned above.

Then we need something to tank the boss. Bosses sometimes have AOE damage, so it’s advised to have a hero-tank and Dwoggour for this purpose. But it is also possible to use mass stunners, such as Sir Kramer, Uland, Lilein and others, so the boss will attack rarely, and Sir Kramer or Uland with some melee units who are able to tank enough to win the battle.

  • Specific heroes based setups.

There are several heroes that can be a base for the whole setup strategy. They possess a uniquely high potential, but it is very hard to release fully. They do have certain particularities (generally speaking – drawbacks) that make their usage hard.

  1. Mark VI.

He has a super-powerful ultimate, capable of doing immense damage. If used with the right equip it can be a devastating weapon. He benefits most from increasing his crit chance.

However, his ultimate has an extremely tough drawback; it has a very long cool-down. This leads to the necessity of lengthening the battle time to make it possible to use the ultimate each in wave. It means that you have to minimize the incoming damage to your army after using Mark’s ultimate (either by killing enemies or disabling/weakening/distracting them), but not killing enemies too fast to let Mark’s ultimate’s cd end.

Appropriate heroes for this are listed in the distraction setup.

It may also be effective to have a certain AOE besides Mark in the rally to finish off large groups of enemies damaged by Mark’s ultimate that have low HP but are not yet dead.

It’s very important to use Mark’s ultimate at the right time. Most often this is at the start of the wave since the earlier it is used the more damage it will deal and more effective it will be (the snowball effect in action). There is almost no sense in using it towards the end of the wave because it will deal a tiny amount of damage and start its cool-down, making it impossible to use at the beginning of the next wave. But sometimes it may be more profitable to wait for the second spell’s buff and then use the ultimate during its animation so the damage dealt by the ultimate will be greatly increased.

Appropriate heroes for this are listed in the mass AOE setup.

Generally, the rest of the rally (besides Mark) has to be tanky and tough, maybe having some distraction or debuffing spells as well. Rather often it may be effective to have 1 AOE in the rally as well to finish off damages done by Mark. Using tanky melee for this strategy is generally better than ranged damage ones.

  • Ember.

She is undoubtedly the most powerful hero in the game, capable of performing the highest DPS among all the heroes. She has an incredibly powerful ultimate that is comparable to that of Mark’s (but not if Mark’s ult is used during his 2ndspell), but hers has a very short cool-down so she can use it frequently. She is a ranged hero and does not get stunned after the spell activation. Moreover, her two other passive spells increase the normal attacks’ damage greatly so she is effective even without her ultimate.

However, there is a very severe drawback; heavy self-damage after using the spell and damage to allied units as well. So, if no measures are taken (such as using an ordinary rally) and if she uses her spell as often as possible, she will kill all the allied units fast and will have very little HP left (capable of being killed by a single weak attack). So it’s important to build a rally considering the consequences of her ultimate:

  1. Dwoggour is a must hero in this setup. He will restore Ember’s HP after she uses her ultimate and, generally speaking, null the first drawback of her spell.
    1. Some actions to take care about the units have to be taken:
      1. Units have to be melee tanks with high magic resist.Approptiate troops: Souls Guards, Levial’s Wills, Root Guardians, Dendroid Protectors.
      1. Having Gulbert in the rally is highly recommended.
      1. Using Alexandra’s ultimate may be helpful aswell, but on the higher levels, when it’s cooldown will be viably decreased. If using it, it’s possible to avoid the two points above.

Also, some additional AOE may be added as well in the army, but it’s not that necessary since Ember can provide insane DPS with her ultimate. So in ordinary cases, it would be more beneficial to make the rest of the setup, as in the rally built around Mark VI, more tanky/distractive.

Another important point to be considered is the equipment. For this strategy, Ember should have all items maximizing only ability power and it is necessary to upgrade her equipment as the first priority (since it increases the ability power bonus).


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