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Equipment improvement

This part will explain the hero and item type priorities to be upgraded.

Equipment types:

  1. Weapon
  2. Chestplate
  3. Helmet and gloves
  4. Boots
  5. Necklace

This order applies to heroes in normal conditions. However, there are some exceptions:

  1. For damage dealers it’s more profitable to upgrade necklace (if it’s primary bonus increases damage) right after the weapon.
  2. For tanks weapon (if it doesn’t increase defense) isn’t important and can be upgraded last.

Hero is the list of the heroes, having the highest necessity of upgrading the following (the better items should be distributed among heroes with the same priorities):

  1. Weapon for damage dealers:
    1. Mark VI
    1. Xenara
    1. Sir Kramer
    1. Ember (in usual setup)
    1. Hurgoth
    1. Avarina
  2. Armor for tanks (and some of the supports & damage dealers aswell):
    1. Dorfin
    1. Norn
    1. Alexandra
    1. Giranna
    1. Seymour
    1. Sir Kramer
    1. Uland
    1. Lidia
    1. Lucian
    1. Gulbert
    1. Rogmar
    1. Mark VI
    1. Aatu
    1. Dwoggour

Important notice: with each upgrade done, it becomes less profitable to keep upgrading further. So while upgrading armor, it is better to move to the next item in the order at some point. Roughly speaking, it is more profitable to upgrade the item to 1/3 of the upgrades that use the same type of dust, and then move to the next item in the order (or to the same type of item on another hero in the rally) and do the upgrades together one by one.

Another important notice: it is advised to not upgrade items with a higher dust level than the item is. Each item type should only be upgraded with the same level of dust. The game is designed in a way that you will start getting higher level items exactly at the time that you will have all the current setup’s equipment fully upgraded with the same dust level, so you will renew the equipment and start upgrading them with the next level of dust.

It may only be fine to upgrade certain pieces of equipment with the higher level of dust for the top heroes from the top-lists above (i.e.: weapon for Mark VI or Xenara, chest plate for Dorfin or Norn).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: do not upgrade more than 5 sets of equipment, than your current setup heroes use. Do not upgrade new items with the new hero’s introduction; move items from the removed hero to the new one and keep upgrading them further.

The only fine exception is upgrading the items for heroes that are effective vs big enemies if your main rally is a mass AOE setup, so you sometimes may need to use other heroes to beat the bosses. If your setup is consistent and isn’t changing on different mission types, do not upgrade more than 5 item sets.


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