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“All of the inhabitants of Bergos and merchants from all over Tartesia used to gather here to trade every kind of exotic item imaginable.

Every day there will be something new. Each time there is a unique set of products and services. So if you are looking for a great deal, try to come here more often.”

It offers a certain range of goods, each being presented 10 items. They are:

  1. 100% Hero soul (can’t offer the soul of a hero that isn’t yet discovered)
  2. 100% Timelost chest (its level depends on the chapter that is currently in progress)
  3. 100% Golden or Crystal chest
  4. Rest slots can be filled with the following:
    1. Equipment
    1. Skill scrolls
    1. Hourglasses
    1. Dust
    1. Experience bottles

Levels of the items presented depend on the chapter and stage in progress. The further the progress, the higher the level of goods being offered in the market.

Offered chests provide a displayed range of random goods with a certain probability, but generally, are 3 times more worthy than usual goods.

The market gets refreshed every hour. It can also be refreshed by passing all the missions in the stage or manually with diamonds for the following costs: 10-10-25-25-50-50-50…

It provides easy access to the other market types as well: Guild Market, Arena Market, Dungeons Market (navigate by tapping on the green arrows on the left&right).


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