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Hero class: Ranged damage dealer.

One of the most powerful heroes in the game. She provides consistently high DPS with normal attacks and has a decent AOE with a very small cool-down. However, most of her damage comes from her passive skills: random small AOE and magic defense damage reduction.

Use cases:Her usage in a rally is very simple. There aren’t any special tips for using her. She just provides a very good DPS at a constant rate with a very frequent AOE skill that can be used as soon as the cool-down ends. However, Xenara is not only a direct damage dealer, she also provides an indirect damage buff to her teammates. She reduces magic defense which is a very strong and effective mechanic. Magic damage is very powerful in this game and lowering the magic defense gives a huge damage boost.

Equipment:the DPS-increasing set.

Synergies:Avarina, Ember, Mark VI, Lidia – these heroes can be paired with Xenara and be effective against mass enemies by casting multiple AOE spells at once and dealing huge area damage. Moreover, Avarina is beneficial to Xenara since she can increase her attack speed and boost her normal attacking damage.

Units:This character doesn’t directly benefit from any unit type.


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