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Hero class: Ranged support/damage dealer.

A mediocre ranged support hero having some damage-dealing abilities as well. His damage increase compared to usual support heroes is tiny, but the support spell can be very effective in certain cases.

Use cases:His tiny damage skills don’t make him a damage dealer as his main purpose but they are a nice addition. His main tool is his silence arrow which can prevent enemies from casting their ultimates. More importantly, it is possible to tach up the right timing and release the silence arrow after the enemy has started casting his spell, but hasn’t yet finished. So the skill isn’t released but instead goes to its cool-down. Most effectively it’s used against enemies with powerful skills that have a long cool-down.

Equipment:the DPS-increasing set, with a priority of increasing attack speed.

Synergies:Aatu pairs well with Sol. Together they counter normal attacks and skills. Uland’s skill has a similar effect to Sol’s skill, so roughly speaking, he can lengthen Sol’s skill duration.

Units:This character doesn’t directly benefit from any unit type.


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