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Sir Kramer

Hero class: Melee damage dealer.

Sir Kramer is a glass cannon. He is capable of doing good damage, slain fast the most anoying enemy units and heroes, but he dies fast, so its necesarry to use him very accurately.

Use cases: He is designed to counter annoying enemy backline heroes and fat melee dudes. Moreover, he is useful in preventing enemies casting their speels; for example, he is the simpliest way to cancel the Commander’s insta-kill jump. However, he isn’t tanky at all, and, since he usually targets the most dangerous enemy characters (+ since, when he jumps to enemy backline, he become the closest your hero for many enemy melee units), he dies fast if not taken care. Also, he isnt a frontline hero at all.

Equipment: the dps-increasing set. It may be seem, that a tanky set may resolve his fragility, but, in practice, this action seriously reduces his dps and doesn’t make him viably tougher.

Synergies: He is combined well with Aatu and Morana, that may protect him when Sir is vulnerable. Hurgoth, that can decrease the tough enemy’s armor even more; good combo vs bosses. Dwoggour, that can literally carry him on; without Dwoggour its extremely hard to make Kramer live long enough. Norn, that can take away destined to Kramer damage instead of him.Units: not important. Can use any, doesn’t benefit from any unit type at all; choose depending on the rally setup.


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