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Hero class: melee tank.

Very similar to Giranna hero, but slightly less tanky despite defense increasing skills.

Use cases:His usage is the same as Giranna’s: standing in the middle of the first row, concentrating enemy fire on himself.

Equipment: the tanky set.

Synergies: It’s quite enough to have one tank, so it’s better to have the rest of the heroes in the rally with Seymour be damage dealers or support heroes. He has a great synergy with Dwoggour.Units: Since he is to be a frontline tank, he needs the tankiest units, especially considering that he doesn’t provide any DPS buffs to allies. Most likely the choice will be lying between usual shieldmen and those with a good mag defense, depending on the rally setup. However, the usual shieldmen are more universal and tougher in most cases.


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