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Rogmar, the Barbarian

Hero class: Melee damage dealer.

A controversial melee damage dealer that isn’t easy to manage to make effective.

Use cases:In the perfect case, he gets damaged down to 1% HP and then doesn’t receive any damage at all, but this is a myth. So basically, it’s advised to put him in the frontline but covered with 2-3 melee squads and a tanky hero behind him. He gets focused first in this case. When he has low HP, use the invulnerability and other melees to surround him so he is in safety. The problem is that Dwoggour most likely will heal him, which will nullify his buff.

Equipment:the DPS-increasing set. It may seem that a tanky set may resolve his fragility, but in practice, this action seriously reduces his DPS and doesn’t make him viably tougher.

Synergies:Uland, Norn, Morana, Aatu – these heroes can more or less effectively lengthen his life on the battlefield when he has low HP.

Units:He doesn’t benefit from any unit type directly, but it’s better to have some tanky melee units with him so he is better protected.


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