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Hero class:  Melee damage dealer.

A very fragile hero since melee & wears medium armor, has an average dps.

Use cases: requires a tank with melee tanky units with him, needs to stand in the 2-3 lines. Has no any specific usages, just doing some fine dps. Active skill needs to be activated while he is near to a large group of enemies and is already attacking them.

Equipment: the dps-increasing set. It may be seem, that a tanky set may resolve his fragility, but, in practice, this action seriously reduces his dps and doesn’t make him viably tougher.

Synergies: any tank infront of him. Dwoggour. Morana, Aatu.Units: Doesn’t benefit from any unit type directly, but better to have some tanky melee units with him so he gets better protected; choose depending on the rally setup.


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