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Hero class:  Melee tank.

A very useful melee tank that is strong by himself and provides great support to the allied units nearby.

Use cases:He isn’t the toughest tank in the game, but still a very useful one. Apart from being rather tough by himself, he provides great support to nearby tanky melee units. He increases their defense and can take damage that is intended to be done to the units (he takes less damage than these units due to his higher defense and this reduces the taken damage much more). This is very effective against strong AOE spells.

Equipment: the tanky set.

Synergies:Gulbert has a perfect synergy with Norn in lengthening the troop’s lives. Dwoggour is a must-have hero to support Norn since after each spell activation Norn loses a viable amount of HP.Units:Tanky melee squad. Mostly human shielders with either high physical or magical defense.


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