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Hero class:  Ranged support.

A rather useful ranged support tool. She creates a mass of fragile and weak units that can distract enemies effectively but she is weak against strong and large AOE spells. She has a damage spell as well, but this is a very tiny bonus. Her usage is rather complicated and situational due to the mechanics of her skill.

Use cases:She is a great tool in lengthening the battle duration if it’s necessary to wait until your main damage dealer’s spell’s cool-down ends. Summoned units are very fragile, but they will still take several enemy hits which will take a lot of time. Moreover, her summons can block enemy ranged units. Important notice: her spell can only galvanize corpses. It can’t summon units out of nowhere so it’s only effective in the waves with mass fragile enemies. It’s rather hard to find the right time to use it because if many enemies are already dead, this most often means that the battle has already been won, and there is no need for the distraction that her spell creates. Also, it can’t be effectively used too early when there are only a few dead units on the battlefield. Moreover, it’s necessary to find a bunch of corpses. Her skill range is large but still limited.

Equipment:if placed safely, the DPS-increasing set with a priority of increasing the attack speed. If not safe enough, the tanky set.

Synergies:Uland, Norn, Gulbert, Aatu. – Help distract enemies and her summons to live longer. Ember, Xenara, Avarina, Mark VI – strong AOE damage dealers are a good source for corpses for Morana’s skill.Units:This character doesn’t directly benefit from any unit type.


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