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Mark VI, the Golem

Hero class: Melee damage dealer.

A very hard hero to play with but a crucial one.

Use cases:Literally, he is crucial, the most valuable complicated hero to play with. He needs to stay alive while he doesn’t attack so he can’t beat enemy melee units facing him (most of the time). It’s hard to use his ultimate at the right time. It’s not easy to position him wisely. But he provides huge tactical benefits to his user. He provides the most powerful AOE damage in the game. But it has 2 serious drawbacks: long cool-down and self-stunning. So first of all, before entering the battle it is necessary to find the most difficult wave in the battle (usually it’s the last one) and make a plan for using his spell. After using his spell the wave is usually won very quickly, so it’s not possible to use his ultimate at the beginning of the next wave (and it’s not worth using it closer to its ending). This means his ultimate is usually used on the first and last wave (if there are 3), the first, third and last wave (if there are 5) or on the second and last wave (in the case of a 4-wave battle). It’s necessary to place him in the safest spot on the map so he can make it to the next wave alive. For the last line, it’s usually better to make the wall line consist of the 3 heroes (in which he will be standing last), the middle line of 2 heroes (with the first slot empty) and the last hero standing in the last slot of the third line. After doing this there are 2 possible ways to use him most effectively. Either by having many other AOE damage dealers that can kill enemies fast after his ultimate (many strong AOEs combined is a really effective strategy), or by using as many distractors as possible to lengthen the battle duration while protecting the army until Mark VI can use his ultimate again. Both options are equally viable.

Equipment:if it’s possible to keep him alive long enough with the DPS-increasing set (increasing only crit chance) it will be more profitable. But it’s hard managing to do this so a tanky set may be better if Mark VI regularly dies fast in certain setups.

Synergies:Uland, Norn, Morana, Aatu, Dwoggour, Droz – these heroes can lengthen the battle and protect the tanks and others so that Mark VI can wait for his skill’s cool-down to end. Ember, Avarina, Zenara, Lidia – these heroes can be paired with Mark VI and be effective against mass enemies by casting multiple AOE spells at once and dealing huge area damage.

Units:He doesn’t benefit from any unit type directly but it’s better to have some tanky melee units with him so he gets better protection.


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