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Hero class: Ranged damage dealer.

Lilein provides a mediocre buff to allies and has slightly increased damage, so he provides some good DPS to the rally but not the best compared to other heroes. His silence arrow may be used as a supportive tool but it’s random so it can’t be properly managed in most cases.

Use cases: He may be used with ranged AOE heroes to increase their spell damage and rarely to counter the Commander’s insta-kill jump.

Equipment: DPS set, however, he doesn’t benefit a lot from it so it’s possible to give him a tanky set. If giving the DPS set, it’s better to max his attack speed so his 1st skill becomes more profitable.

Synergies: Ember, Xenara, Avarina, Mark VI (very hard to manage) – the idea behind this is to cast an AOE spell with these heroes while being buffed by Lilein.

Units:not important. He can use any and doesn’t benefit from any unit type at all. Choose according to the rally setup.


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