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Hero class: Melee tank.

Uland isn’t a tough tank by himself and he won’t be the best choice in most cases, but his skill may be extremely useful at times by messing up many melee enemies at once.

Use cases: He is ineffective in missions against mass ranged damage dealers, but he is very good with mass melee enemies. He can’t endure much incoming damage, so he shouldn’t be standing first in the middle line. However if he does, it is necessary to ensure that he has super tanky equip so he doesn’t die fast. He needs to be surrounded by as many enemies as soon as possible, then his skill will “buy” a lot of free time for your troops. If he doesn’t stand in the middle, it’s better to place him first in the wall line (having the first slots in the middle, the second wall line empty and melee units on the heroes in the 2 slots of these lines). In this way, the focus among him and melee units will be perfect and he will live longer but he will cover fewer enemies by his skill.

Equipment: Tanky set.

Synergies: He has the best synergy with Aatu which can lengthen enemies mess or help Uland against mass enemy ranged damage dealers. Generally, Uland combines well with ranged damage dealers. When he messes enemies up, your melee army has to walk closer to them to attack, so it’s ineffective. If you have a few melee units and heroes in the rally, it will take even more time to return back for melee enemies to attack your troops and your ranged troops and heroes can freely attack messed up enemy melee units and heroes. Mark VI. Mark VI benefits from everything that “buys” time for your army. Morana. Together these 2 heroes (or together with Aatu, which will make it even more effective) can be an extremely effective distraction tool. Gulbert. The more time enemies run around being messed up, the more HP Gulbert will restore for the troops and the same applies for Dwoggour as well. Norn. Together they can be a tough pair: Uland makes the enemy distracted for some time. After that, Norn, being very tough, attracts all the incoming damage so your rally again feels free. Soon after, Uland’s skill’s cool-down will end, so it’s possible to mess enemies up a lot with this combo.

Units: He needs the tankiest units. Most likely the choice will be lying between usual shieldmen and those with a good mag defense, depending on the rally setup. However, the usual shieldmen are more universal and tougher in most cases.


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