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Hero class:  Melee support.

A very situational hero. He is fragile and requires some babysitting, but if managed properly he can be a very effective tool.

Use cases:He is a great tool in lengthening the duration of the battle if it’s necessary to wait for your main damage dealer’s spell’s cool-down. However, it’s hard to use him effectively since he is a melee hero who can wield only light equipment, making him fragile. He is best used with mass melee units in front of him that distract enemies and attract focus. It’s better to place him in the last slots of lines. Important notice: despite him seeming to be more effective than Dwoggour in HP healed stats, he is actually less effective in real numbers. Heroes have higher defense and dodge/defense chance, so for each HP healed they can take more damage compared to regular units. Also, he has an additional tricky ultimate skill mechanic: while activated, it greatly increases the ability power in a very small AOE for a very short period of time. It’s very hard to use effectively, but if managed it can be a great boost.

Equipment:the tanky set.

Synergies:Norn, Aatu, Morana – these heroes have basically the same impact, but done in different ways. If combined they can make the melee tanky units a lot tougher. If used with Ember, and all 5 squads of human tanky units with high magic resistance, he can (with Dwoggour) completely level her skill’s damage done to allied units. If managed to deal successfully, he can greatly boost AOE damage dealers. The best combo he has is with Mark VI since they are both melees, and it’s easier to keep them close to each other while activating the spells. Norn increases the units’ defense, so Gulbert’s healing will be more effective.

Units:He is most effectively used with all 5 squads of melee tanky units.


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