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Ember, the Fire Mage

Hero class: Ranged damage dealer.

One of the most powerful heroes in the game. Ember provides consistently high dps with normal attacks and has a very powerful AOE with a very small cool-down as well. However, it not only damages your enemies but your troops as well, so it needs to be used accurately.

Use cases:In the beginning (first waves) of the battle, she usually stands still just doing her regular attacks. Her skill surely does more damage to enemies, but if used right at the start of the battle it can deal too much damage to her own troops, and the battle will be lost. Also, she often doesn’t use her ultimate at all if the stage is very high for the account level (if a player is a tryharder) and if enemies have a very high magic defense, so she will damage your troops more than your enemies. Most often, her skill is used on the last wave when there are few units alive in the army and only heroes remaining. However, even without the ultimate, she is capable of providing (with the same weapon lvl) comparable damage to other top-tier damage dealers that use all their abilities most effectively. Xenara and Avarina can boost her damage even more (Xenara by reducing enemies’ magic defense and Avarina with her aura).

Equipment:the DPS-increasing set.

Synergies:Requires Dwoggour to use her ultimate, otherwise doing so becomes almost pointless. A very important thing about Ember is the very small skill cool-down. With Dwoggour’s support, she can literally annihilate the battlefield with frequent and powerful blasts.

Avarina, Xenara, Mark VI, Lidia – these heroes can be paired with Ember and can be effective against mass enemies by casting multiple AOE spells at once and by dealing huge area damage. Moreover, Avarina is beneficial to Ember since she can increase her attack speed and boost her normal attacking damage.

Units:This character doesn’t directly benefit from any unit type. However, it’s better not to use ranged units in the rally at all since they have very low HP and low magic defense, which will cause them to be killed by her ultimate very fast. It’s even possible to base a rally strategy on her ultimate, in which case the best unit to use for all the heroes in the army is the human shieldman with high magic defense.


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