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Hero class:Ranged support.

Despite being a common hero, Dwoggour is one of those heroes that many players will have in their core setup up to the very end. A rally without him is a lot weaker in long battles. His ability to make heroes live longer is very strong and useful.

Use cases:Dwoggour is a support class hero, particularly, he is aimed at boosting the heroes’ durability. It’s a very common case when all units die and only heroes remain, being greatly supported by Dwoggour. Hence, he is effective in long battles. The longer the battle is, the more effective Dwoggour appears to be. He is extremely effective in the endless dungeons and missions with 5 stages.

Equipment:the tanky set.

Synergies:Dwoggour is effectively paired with other ranged supportive heroes, such as Aatu and Droz, any melee heroes, and especially tanky ones with many ranged damage dealers in the rally. Basically, Dwoggour is effective in almost any rally with all the heroes.Units: in the very beginning it’s hard to obtain dwarven units, so the most common case would be ranged human mages or archers depending on the rally setup. The crossbowman unit type will be most beneficial for him since this hero doesn’t provide any dps buff and needs toughness as discussed above.


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