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Hero class: Ranged damage dealer.

A rather useful single-aim damage dealer. He has a great armor reduction skill against big enemies and an ultimate with a huge atk speed increase that, when combined, can be a very effective tool.

Use cases:For the most part, his usage is rather simple. He is a self-tanky ranged damage dealer. His slightly tougher stats and pushing ability make him that ranged hero that will stand first among others. In certain cases, it is even possible to make him a frontline hero. His armor decreasing ability is very effective because, unlike Xenara and Sir Kramer, it is effective against big enemies. While having many AOE heroes, and heroes having skills with reduced efficiency against big enemies, Hurgoth may be a helping hand. However, he isn’t perfect as well. His armor reducing shot can also be done during his ultimate, but it doesn’t have reduced animation time so it will literally waste the whole ultimate. He is most effectively used if the ultimate is activated right after the damage reduction shot has been fired while there is only one big enemy left on the map. Then Hurgoth will fire all his arrows at the enemy with reduced armor.

Equipment:the DPS-increasing set.

Synergies:If combined with Sir Kramer or Xenara, the armor reduction may be really big and the damage done to this aim will be significantly increased making it effective on boss levels. Avarina can boost his normal attacking damage.

Units:This character doesn’t directly benefit from any unit type.


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