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Hero class:  Melee tank/damage dealer.

A weak melee tank with decent (for a tank) damage dealing skills.

Use cases:He needs to be equipped in a very tanky setup and placed as far upfront as possible, otherwise he won’t be effective. Damage dealt by his first two abilities will be negligible. Only if he gets attacked constantly, can he deal some viable damage. His second skill is generally useless in terms of pulling, due to the tiny pull distance. It can be viable if Dorfin is only a single melee unit in the army, however, this wouldn’t make much sense.

Equipment:the tanky set.

Synergies:Dwoggour is a must for Dorfin to be used effectively. Avarina, Ember, Mark VI, Xenara – these heroes can be paired with Dorfin and be effective against mass enemies by casting multiple AOE spells at once and dealing huge area damage.Units:He doesn’t benefit from any unit type directly but generally benefits from fewer melee units in the rally.


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