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Hero class: Ranged damage dealer.

Avarina is the hero that may be easily used up to the mid-game stage due to her great dps and good 2 skill buff. She provides decent AOE damage apart from boosting her nearby allies’ dps.

Use cases: It’s recommended to have her surrounded by other ranged damage dealers so she will increase their dps. She can be just as effective as rare or epic heroes by increasing the overall rally efficiency, despite having worse damage dealt stats (since her AOE is weaker at the later game stages than the ones of rare and epic heroes) which is due to the indirect impact of boosting the overall rally’s dps. For example, she can boost Ember’s and Xenara’s attack speed so they will use their first skills more often. Literally up to half of her efficiency may be performed throughout this second skill’s buff.

Equipment: She usually needs the dps-increasing set of equipment.

Synergies: She has a great synergy with the ranged damage dealers such as: Xenara, Ember, Soi, Lilein, Hurgoth.

Units: She needs ranged units with the highest dps.


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