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Alexandra, the Mage Slayer

Hero class:  Melee tank/support.

A weak melee tank with decent (for a tank) support skills. Her ultimate may save your troops against powerful AOE spells, but it is rather situational. Her first spell provides consistent and viable support to nearby melee tanks.

Use cases:A very situational ultimate that is usable only against heavy AOE damage dealers (mostly against Ember and Mark VI). In most cases, it will have a tiny impact in battle. Her first spell creates good support for melee hero-tanks since it makes their dodge more viable. It is advised to put her near the frontline tank, but in such a way that she won’t be strongly focused on. However, she needs to have been hit relatively recently in order for her to release the first spell.

Equipment:the tanky set.

Synergies: Together with Sol, she can provide a viable silencing effect. She is the best hero to be combined with Ember. She combines well with Aatu’s cloud.Units:This character doesn’t directly benefit from any unit type.


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