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Hero class: Ranged support.

A rather useful ranged support tool. When casted, his skill greatly reduces movement speed and damage dealt by enemies in a wide range and for a decent period of time.

Use cases:He is a great tool in lengthening the battle duration if it’s necessary to wait for the cool-down of your main damage dealer’s spell. Basically, he causes allies to receive less damage and allows the most powerful of them to fire and cast longer. His spell is most effectively used at the very beginning of the battle against mass hard ranged damage dealers. When they are standing close to each other the cloud can cover many of them. His ability to increase nearby allies’ dodge chance is rather effective and can sometimes win the battle, so he is the first to be attacked among ranged heroes on par with Hurgoth.

Equipment:the tanky set.

Synergies:Paired with Uland, who can cause a similar effect against enemy melees, he can be a very effective distraction tool. Norn can use his spell after or before Aatu does and, roughly speaking, increase the damage reduction effect on his allies. Sir Kramer can engage in mass enemy ranged damage dealers and annihilate them being covered by Aatu’s cloud. Also, Gulbert, who lengthens the soldier’s lives by healing them, can be rather effective if combined with Aatu’s cloud. Morana can summon her huge, but fragile army, which will be much more durable combined with Aatu’s cloud and will distract enemies much longer.

Units:This character doesn’t directly benefit from any unit type.


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