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Endless Dungeon

Provides one free attempt for each of the three Dungeons (it’s also possible to buy attempts for diamonds after using the free one). The dungeon is an infinite trial with an increasing difficulty level for each stage. In order to avoid losing your army in the beginning and to score a higher number of waves passed, it is possible to skip the diamonds part of the Dungeon and start right from the level that is closest to your personal record. There is a rating of players with the highest records, showing the guild’s best and world’s best players’ records. There are 20 unique stage designs for each Dungeon that are repeated.

Dungeons are opened after winning a certain stage: “Marcatraz Island”, “Byrn Sewers” and “Crater Mines”.

Each Dungeon has its own unique characteristics: monsters have an increased dodge chance in “Marcatraz Island”, an increased phys def and reduced mag def in “Byrn Sewers” and a silence effect in “Crater Mines”.

By completing the dungeon, you receive rubies, gold, and diamonds. The more stages you pass, the more resources you receive.

Rubies can be spent in the Dungeon Market which offers a certain range of goods, being presented 10 items. They are:

  1. 100% ore;
  2. 3 slots: 100% Hero soul (can offer the soul of a hero that isnt yet discovered);
  3. Rest slots can be filled with the following:
    1. Equipments;
    1. Skill scrolls;
    1. Hourglasses;
    1. Dust;
    1. Experience bottles.

Levels of the items presented depend on the chapter and stage in progress. The further the progress, the higher the level of goods that are offered in the Arena market.

The market gets refreshed every 8 hours. It can be also updated with diamonds for the following costs: 25-50-100-250-500-500..

It provides access to the other market types as well: Guild Market, Market, Arena Market (navigate by tapping on the green arrows on the left&right).


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