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Arena is a PvP platform offering an arrangement of 3 players (which can be refreshed for the following costs: 10-10-25-25-50-50-50..) to be fought within a limit of 5 tries per 12 hours (it can be refreshed manually for the following costs: 100-200-300-500-999-999… as well). After each attempt, the arrangement of players available for battle is updated. Players are chosen based on the ranking system; for each victory (even when someone else attacks you and looses) you gain ranking points and for each defeat, you lose them. The higher the rank, the fewer the points that are gathered with each victory.

While other players attack you they face the defensive setup. It can be set up by tapping the “Defense Team” button. Moving heroes in this folder doesn’t affect the main attacking squad. Also, by removing troops from heroes you affect the defensive setup.

Based on the ranking, you receive daily and weekly rewards (gold, diamonds, PvP tokens and experience bottles (for weeklies)). A higher ranked league provides a better reward (displayed in the “Rewards” folder below).

PvP tokens can be spent in the Arena Market, which offers a certain range of goods being presented 10 items. They are:

  1. 100% ore
  2. 3 slots 100% Hero soul (can offer the soul of a hero that isn’t yet discovered)
  3. Rest slots can be filled with the following:
    1. Equipment
    1. Skill scrolls
    1. Hourglasses
    1. Dust
    1. Experience bottles

Levels of the items presented depend on the chapter and stage in progress. The further the progress, the higher the level of goods that are offered in the Arena market.

The market gets refreshed every 8 hours. It can be also updated with diamonds for the following costs: 25-50-100-250-500-500..

Basically, the best way to spend PvP tokens is to buy legendary hero souls.

It provides access to the other market types as well: Guild Market, Market, Dungeons Market (navigate by tapping on the green arrows on the left&right).


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