тест ру

    The game features:
  • real-time tactical battles
  • managing and developing player's base
  • training and leading a squad of heroes
  • single-player campaign on a beautiful global map
  • multiplayer guilds and PvP arena
  • available for Android and iOS

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Lead a group of heroes – each with his own squad!

Liberate the world from the demon plague!







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World Bosses

Fight world bosses in time–limited events!

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Develop and manage your base

Restore the old Tartesian capital to its formal glory and use it as your base of operations: hone your gear, train your troops, run scout missions.

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Gather, crate and enhance your gear

Collect various equipment for your heroes, assemble and improve it, search for rare and epic items - do all that is neccessary to make your party survive and win encounters.

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Fight with or against other players online

Create or join multiplayer guilds and compete with other players on a PVP arena.

The game is avaialable on iOS and Android!

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Get the latest game news and updates.

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