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First steps in mobile RPG Chaos Lords

Rational resource usage in Chaos Lords – Mobile RPG game for Android or iOS.

This game isn’t that easy. It’s unclear in the very beginning, how to spend resources wisely. This guide gives basic advice on how to do it rationally.

  1. Diamonds

The most valuable resource. They can be used almost everywhere to speed up research, to buy equip and other resources or to unlock different game features. However, though it’s the most valuable resource, it’s additional. The main resource is still gold, but smart diamond management may speed up the account development.

It is worthy to instantly upgrade the mine to the maximum level since it will pay off in only 3 months, and after this period you will be receiving extra free diamonds.

The next single beneficial investment is unlocking the scout missions. It is a worthy investment, especially while opening the first two scout missions since it will give the possibility to raid enemies additionally without the spending of energy.

Rest diamond spending possibilities aren’t single and usually provide you with certain items or other resources (sometimes, indirectly). They can be divided into two main groups: resource/item purchases and other purchases.

Resource/items purchases include market purchases, buying additional dungeon/world boss attempts and speeding up scout missions.

  1. The most efficient conversion of resources is in speeding up scout missions. This is because you receive more gold than you spend on it, and additional resources summarized are more profitable than any other resources or items purchased. However, there is always the possibility of not winning the scout mission, so it’s only worthy to speed it up if you are 100% sure that you can win it. If lost, it’s still worthy to buy one additional attempt, but no more.
    1. The next is buying huge chests in the market. Generally, chests provide you with random items and resource amounts (with some limitations, but still not strict), but are 3 times more worthy than making single purchases in the market. And the bigger the chest, the more profitable it is. So buying one chest may not be worthy, but purchasing them in bulk is super effective.
      1. Hero souls. They are strongly not recommended, especially at the beginning of the game, because they waste a lot of diamonds and have a tiny impact.
      1. Dust. The worst thing diamonds can be spent on.
      1. XP bottles can be fine in certain cases but generally aren’t worthy.
      1. Items or item chards. Not recommended. If you can afford to buy equip it’s more profitable to purchase large chests.
      1. Hourglass. Not at all, you can get enough by completing all daily quests.
    1. Other market purchases. Generally, it’s not recommended to make them, but sometimes they may be worthy if you lack a few certain resources. But still, its profitability is rather low.

Buying additional attempts at dungeons and world bosses isn’t recommended at all because it’s very expensive and gives a tiny amount of resources.

Other purchases include elven, dwarven or higher-level human soldiers’ purchases, speeding up research, purchasing energy and market updates.

  1. Buying other elven or dwarven soldiers isn’t really a discussable issue since there aren’t different options. You either buy them or not depending on your strategy choice. Generally, these soldiers are stronger than humans but cost more gold, so the soldiers choice isn’t an easy issue (check the soldiers guide for more advice on it). Buying higher-level human soldiers may be justified if you don’t want to waste gold on researching human evolution branches, and will switch to dwarves or elves later on. Otherwise, it’s not recommended. It’s more worthy to research the evolution and to buy 1lvl human soldier and to evolve it “naturally”.
  2. Speeding up wastes diamonds. It may be fine only if donating hard or having a burning desire to fight with the new troops right now.
  3. Buying energy is fine if you are playing well. If you have a strong rally you can afford leveling up faster, otherwise it may be difficult to proceed further, hence it’s not worthy spending diamonds on energy. By playing hard and developing effective strategies you can benefit more from getting greater rewards on further missions and generally from the higher account level. This is also worthy only if having many diamonds. It is not recommended to spend all of them on energy purchases.
  4. Updating the market can be fine on the lower levels if searching for a certain item or resource, but it’s generally not recommended.
  • Gold.

Gold is the most important resource in most mobile rpg online games. All the main upgrades cost gold. You will never have enough gold to upgrade everything you can in each current moment, so it’s very important to spend it wisely.

Generally, investing in heroes provides a greater rally power boost, but everything depends on the chosen strategy. In some cases, it may be necessary to use certain soldier types and invest a lot of gold in them while in others, heroes may play a crucial role and require investing more gold. If the strategy isn’t yet decided, it’s recommended to invest more in heroes since upgraded units may not be used anymore in the future while investment in heroes most likely will. Strategy and unit type choices are discussed in the special guides.

Investing in heroes consists of two parts: skill upgrades and item enhancement.

Skill upgrades are rather cheap at the beginning of the game, but become costly mid-game and very expensive in the late game stages. This gives the opportunity to test and play with different heroes and decide the preferred gameplay style and strategy at first, without losing a lot of gold, and will be more profitable having an established setup in the second part of the game. At some point, it will basically be very wasteful to upgrade everyone, so it’s recommended to choose the arrangement of heroes that you will be using most and invest in gold and soul farming.

Item enhancement isn’t a waste of gold since it’s possible to reequip all items (to reequip weapon, you need to replace the current weapon with another one) to other heroes. However, it’s not worth investing all of your gold in this, since at some point, upgrades will give tinier profit per gold spent than upgrading skills and evolving troops. Also, items have different quality levels (common, rare, epic and legendary), and enhancing each of the levels is worth doing only using the same dust level. When you have all the equipment fully upgraded with the current dust level, you will be closer to receiving higher quality level equipment and dust. Same item levels of two equal items of different quality levels will cost the same amount of resources and give the same increase in primary stats, but will have different increases in additional stats; higher quality level gives a greater increase. It may only be worth enhancing the current quality item level with higher quality level dust for certain heroes in certain rally strategies (chest plate for the hero-solo-tank, or the weapon for Mark VI or Ember in strategies based on them).

Different armor part enhancement have different effectiveness per gold spent. Chestplate has the best ratio, boots have the worst, glove and helmet enhancements are equally effective. However, as said above, with each upgrade this ratio becomes smaller and smaller, so this difference in different parts enhancement efficiency applies only to the same item levels. Basically, it’s recommended to have the chest plate 2-3 levels higher than gloves/helmets and 4-6 levels higher than boots.  Necklaces are advised to be 1-2 levels lower than boots in most cases. Weapons for tanks are recommended to be at the same level as gloves/helmet, and for damage dealers, 2-4 levels higher than the chest plate.

Unit evolving is only recommended when you are more-or-less sure of the chosen strategy. At the beginning of the game, it’s possible to evolve 1-2 human soldiers to tier 1, but not further if you aren’t going to use these troops later on. Evolving dwarves or elves at the beginning of the game isn’t recommended at all, since they are just slightly more powerful, generally, but cost way more resources. Evolving them may be worthy in mid/late-game stages.

In many cases, it may be worth more to buy a single unit of a higher tier from the barracks for diamonds, since it’s a lot more profitable (if considering diamond to gold exchange based on buying chests in the market) than evolving them ‘naturally’.

Scouts have an entry cost but give back some gold as the reward. The gold received exceeds the gold spent for the first two missions only, so it’s generally recommended not to invest in 3-4 scout missions. Also, there is always the possibility of being defeated in these scout missions and to lose the paid entry penny. The scout mission difficulty depends on the chapter that is currently in progress; there are 3 scout mission difficulty levels. So, while completing one game chapter and entering the next one, it’s literally impossible to beat the scout mission, (so it’s not advised to invest in scout missions in these cases) but they become super easy close to the chapter’s end (for you the missions remain at the same power level during the whole chapter walk-through, while your setup gets more and more powerful) hence it’s recommended not to fight scout missions at the beginning of the chapter.

Spending gold in the market is generally not recommended. The cases when such investments may pay off are very rare

  • Rubies, PvP tokens, Guild coins.

In regards to spending other resources in the market, the best investment will be in new hero soul purchases. Buying anything else for rubies, PvP tokens or Guild coins isn’t recommended at all. These 3 types of resources gather way too slow to be spent on ordinary stuff which can be gathered as a missions loot. And only these markets provide the possibility to hire new heroes earlier than you normally would while passing the missions.

  • Other resources.

Hourglasses are very useful tools, but for the most efficient usage, they require smart utilization. Basically, it’s recommended to use them only if you’re getting stuck at some point, and it’s best to use them on the latest mission that is currently passed for 3*, in order to get the maximum exp for heroes. If you’re not stuck, it’s better to spend all the energy on moving forward.

Xp potions are not recommended to be used at any time other than while hiring new heroes or soldiers. Using them for heroes is more beneficial.

Bread is recommended to be used as soon as you get it in order to raise the account level as fast as possible since it’s the most important engine in moving forward.

The best and the most important advice that this guide can give is no to be in a hurry, but rather to act smartly. This game is a mobile turn-based strategy rpg game. It’s long and the major decisions matter a lot so they must be made wisely.


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