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The equipment arrangement may seem random, but it isn’t. All the equip stats are formed based on a clear pattern:

  1. The main stat, that is either defense for armor and damage for the weapons; necklaces can have one of both.
  2. The additional stats, that may differ in amount depending on the equipment rarity.

And there are two main types of items: 1) items with ability power, 2) items with anything else. This is noticeable starting with the rare items in which there are two graphic models for each item type: there are two light boots, two heavy chest plates, etc. So, one graphic model is for ability power as the first additional stat and the second is for all the rest. The second and the third stats don’t have any pattern besides the rule that one piece can’t enhance defense and damage at the same time. So, if the first additional stat is increasing the hero’s HP, the second can’t boost his attack speed, etc.

Epic items can be formed differently. They don’t have a separation of 2 types (1 with AP, another without) and can even mix defensive stats with the offensive ones (only attack speed with dodge chance though).

And the logical question arises: how to pick up the item set to make it most efficient?

First of all, it’s necessary to choose a set type for a particular hero. It’s not worthy to make it random or to increase different stats for one hero. It’s better to make tanky heroes tougher, damage dealers do more dmg, and support heroes (and some others in certain cases) to have higher ability power (and since they are not direct damage dealers it’s usually recommended to boost toughness by the second stat rather than ability power).

Ability power (AP) is an easy stat: the more a hero has, the more power his spells have. But it’s not that obvious when talking about damage and toughness. There are 3 stats that increase damage per second (dps): crit multiplier, crit chance, and attack speed increase, and 3 stats that increase the toughness: block chance, dodge chance and block effect. So it’s necessary to find the best ratio of all of these stats for each set type.

         The formulas are the following:

  1. Damage: damage*(200%+crit mult)*crit chance + dsamage*(100%-crit chance). Its quite simple: the hit chance is 100%, and a hero can either crit or not crit, so we consider crit dmg multiplied by its chance + usual dmg with (100% – crit chance). Crit dmg is calculated as (200% + crit mult from equips)*damage.
  2. Defense: (100% – dodge chance)*(1-(((1-1/(200%*(100% + block effect))))*block chance)). This may be seem to be more complicated, but its simple aswell. This formula considers general damage reduction from the common hits on average. First of all, if hero dodges, he just ignores all the damage. So, if the hero has a 25% dodge chance, he takes only 75% of all incoming damage, generally. And, after applying this, its necessary to condsider blocking aswell.

         Here is the approximate table of existing equip stats for common and rare items (they may differ slightly, + rare weapons with higher damage, but a few additional stats are not considered here, but they are not crucial):

Equip partCrit multCrit chanceAtk speedBlock chanceDodge chanceBlock effect
Equip partCrit multCrit chanceAtk speedBlock chanceDodge chanceBlock effect
Equip partCrit multCrit chanceAtk speedBlock chanceDodge chanceBlock effect

*As its noticeable from the game, common items can only have one additional stat, while rare ones can have 2 (weapons even 3) of them, or one doubled. This is considered in the calculations.

By using certain tools, we get the best combinations of these equips:

Equip partCrit multCrit chanceAtk speedBlock chanceDodge chanceBlock effect
Equip partCrit multCrit chanceAtk speedBlock chanceDodge chanceBlock effect
Equip partCrit multCrit chanceAtk speedBlock chanceDodge chanceBlock effect

It’s quite easy to notice that some stats are not worthy to use at all.

For attack: attack speed is useless on all equip except weapons, crit multiplier is useless with common items but is fine with rare and epic ones, but still crit chance is more important. So, the best strategy for common items is with the weapon attack speed increased and maximizing the crit chance for the rest. For rare and epic items it’s the same, but for weapons, you should increase all 3 stats. Sometimes it’s fine to have crit chance increased as well.

For defense: block effect is useless but block chance is worthy if used only on rare and epic weapons together with dodge chance. So basically the best way to make the character tougher is to maximize its dodge chance.

The interesting and useful fact lies in overall efficiency compared; best attack set vs best defense set:

DPS increaseDPS reductionCompared
DPS increaseDPS reductionCompared
DPS increaseDPS reductionCompared

The common items balance is nearly perfect, this 2% difference can be due to the table inaccuracy, but for the rare items, the 20% difference illustrates that attacking sets become more powerful with the item’s increase in quality.

DPS set evolutionDefense set evolutionCompared

DPS set has a 65% efficiency increase (from common to rare), compared to only 30% of the defense set efficiency increase. So the attacking set evolves more than twice as fast as the defense set does.

This brings us to the conclusion that when changing the quality of the equipment (i.e.: from common to rare), it’s better to renew the attacking sets first since it will give a greater boost to the army’s efficiency than renewing the defense set will.

The situation remains almost unchanged with the evolution from rare items to epic ones, so it’s still more worthy to renew the attacking sets first.


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