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Story of development of tactical RPG Chaos Lords

Welcome to Chaos Lords devblog, this is Digital Pill, small team of game enthusiasts who have grown up on classical tactical RPGs and strategy games and always dreamt of making our own product. That we would create and play with passion. 

Each member of our future team was involved in the process of making games on the side of different game publishers. In early 2010s it was the era of casual games for social networks and we had to create some match-3 and hidden object products to pay our bills. We’ve tried to make some PC experiments with different groups of developers. But everything came to an end due to pure economical reasons. We felt broken. And we continued to work on different projects that were difficult for us. Cause we felt no romance in all these genres. But then something happened. Something very unexpected. New wave of mobile games has come. And there was a place for very hardcore games that we were crazy about. 

In the age of mobile games there is a lot of different tactical RPGs and we love to play some of them but we feel that there is a lack of true magic. Magic that made our childhood and youth little bit happier. So we decided that it’s our time to create OUR game. 

First steps


First thing we focused on was the art of our future game. What we’ve noticed on current mobile market is that everyone is crazy about fancy design of their heroes, interface, maps and locations. It’s definitely not the way how Chaos Lords should look like. What was important for us is a tribute to classic RPG games. So we went with traditional fantasy art style and, thanks to our artists, we got to this point. Our heroes are brutal, their gear is as realistic as it can be in a fictional world, our castle and map are all about knights, magic and Middle Ages. 

Turn-based RPG or Real-time strategy?

During second phase we had to decide what game mechanic to choose and it was easy. Our love to turn-based strategies was bigger than anything. We spent thousands of hours on Heroes of Might and Magic, Majesty and Disciples series. Our art was inspired by this genre. What was tricky is that we should choose between turn-based and real-time game mechanic. We decided to add more dynamics to Chaos Lords and have chosen real-time gameplay. Plus we’ve added RPG elements to meta gameplay because pure strategy game would be either too difficult, or less exciting. So our final genre should be called turn-based RPG … oops, sorry, real-time strategy-based RPG. 

Chaos Lords Universe

Next step was the lore of the Chaos Lords. Probably the most time-consuming part of the game development process. We’ve created world from scratch, we populated it with different races of humanity, beasts and creatures, Elder Lizard Gods, demons and skeletons. We’ve created a beautiful map of Tartesian lands and understood that it’s actually very big. And went to the deeper level of our Chaos Lords universe, we created story for each race and creature, how they’ve arrived in Tartesia and how they were evolving through the ages. And what is most important we’ve created our heroes. Currently in the game we have 23 heroes but there is much more in our lore who already have their background, their story and their place on the global battlefield. 

Game design

Final preparation moment is the high-level game design. What core mechanics and modes you will interact with, how powerful will be each hero, what class and abilities will they have, what armor and weapons will they use or what enemies you’ll meet on the battlefield and when you will meet them – it is just brief overview of what was done for our tactical RPG by our talented game designers. 

What was most important is to decide how player will fight against enemies. We’ve set up next rules:

  • Units will fight automatically
  • Player can interact with his forces only by using of ultimate abilites
  • Fight is ended when one of the sides has no units to continue the battle or when time for round is finished
  • Losing side is that has no units left on the battlefield
  • Retreat will equal defeat
  • Fight can be 2x accelerated
  • If round time ends in mission then player will lose
  • If round time ends in PvP, both sides are defeated

This was the first page of our story. In coming episodes we will tell more about art, game design and how we polish our game. And shed light on the many details of each process. 
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