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Release of Chaos Lords Web-version

Now you have the opportunity to play Chaos Lords on almost any device through a browser. Many players, especially those with older or less powerful smartphones, have been asking us to add the ability to play on PCs and laptops.

We know that some of our players use emulators that allow them to run games from their smartphones on their PC in order to access Chaos Lords. We are not going to remove this feature, but we want to note that in order to access the web-version, you do not need to download any launchers or additional applications to your device. All you need to do is visit the website and log in to your account.

We made the Web-version of the game almost identical to the version for smartphones, except for a couple of important points.

Web version features:

  1. The web-version of the game is supported by most modern browsers. You can check if your browser supports the game here (if you see a rotating cube and green text, then everything is fine);
  2. Players can log in to the web-version using their Facebook, AppleID, and GooglePlay accounts;
  3. Chaos Lords supports cross-save. If you started playing on a smartphone, and then logged into the web-version with the same account, then all your saves will be transferred;
  4. This is also true for the reverse situation. If you create an account and start playing on the web-version, then by logging in with your account on your smartphone, you will continue to play from the same place as on the web-version;
  5. The web-version has no ads (but the ad-chests still provide rewards). In addition, payment systems take a smaller commission from in-game purchases for real money. Thus, by making purchases in the game for real currency, you support our small studio to a greater extent, and not Google and Apple services.
  6. Despite this, ad disabling subscription’s bonuses in the form of increased mission rewards will continue to apply.

The web-version of Chaos Lords is available at:


This is the first version of the Web-client, which we will improve and develop over time along with the usual version of the game for tablets and smartphones. If you find any bugs, please contact us at feedback@dpill.games .

See you in Tartesia!

— Marat “Rad_bonE” Sabitov, Community Manager @ Digital Pill


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