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Preview: Hero Dismantling System

Hello, Lords and Ladies!

In the global 2.0 update of Chaos Lords we introduced new way of acquiring and upgrading your heroes.

And while this new system still need some polish and tweaking here and there, overall, we are happy with how it functions and connects with other parts of the game.

One of the most noticeable outcomes of the new system was copious amounts of low-ranked (1- & 2-star) heroes dropping from Soul Stones. While players are able to use these heroes in the early game or infuse them into better heroes after some upgrading, the sheer amount of these low-ranked heroes was clogging player’s Army with no real way to get rid of them or use them profitably.

In the long run we want to add new modes and systems to the game that will make low-ranked heroes useful, but for now we’ve came up with a solution that will allow you to:
a) get rid of extra heroes;
b) have a reliable way of acquiring specific hero you need

So, here is a sneak peak of the new system coming to Chaos Lords in the 2.1 update.

Hero Dismantling in Action

Everything Hero Dismantling related will be placed in the new tab in the Academy.

In this window you can choose up to 16 heroes to dismantle at once.

You can choose them in the left window or tap the “Autofill” button and the game will choose heroes for you, starting with the lowest rank.

If you select a hero that is part of your attack or defense squads, a confirmation window will appear. Same will happen if you try to dismantle an epic or legendary hero. This should prevent players from accidentally dismantling valuable or needed heroes.

As soon as at least one hero is selected, the rewards preview button will become available. By clicking on it, you will see how much Hero Essence you will receive for the dismantling of heroes. The higher the rarity of the heroes you’re dismantling, the more Essence you will receive.

When all the right heroes are chosen, just press the “Dismantle” button and receive your reward.

When you have enough of the Hero Essence, go to the Essence Market, by pressing the button shown down below.

Essence Market works in the same way as the regular market, but only sells souls of heroes for Hero Essence.

Market assortment updates every day, but just like a regular market, can be refreshed for gold and crystals.

And with that we conclude our preview of the upcoming Hero Dismantling system. We hope it will make acquiring heroes more reliable and interesting. It should also help those players who are just less lucky with their Soul Stones rolls.

We will be adding additional bad luck protection mechanics in the future. This is just the first step in that direction.

We can’t wait for you to try this one out for yourselves. And, as always, feedback is appreciated!

See you in Tartesia!
— Marat “Rad_bonE” Sabitov, Community Manager @ Digital Pill


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