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[5/23/19] Patch Notes – 1.3.0

Hey all,

Chaos Lords team is here to give a quick update on what’s new coming with the last update.

New units

We believe that more units will give you more tactical benefits on the battlefield. Check these special forces for your army:

  • New dwarf soldiers – Brotherhood of Axe and Pretorians
  • New elven soldiers – Priestesses and Dendroids

New additions and optimization

  • Now you can press pause button during the battle
  • New sounds
  • New legendary items icons
  • Items dropped from chests have now different rotation. Chests drop chance is increased
  • Now you can check heroes or soldiers parameters when tap on it
  • We’ve added autocast option for heroes special abilities
  • New Victory and Defeat screens will give you more information about the battle


  • We’ve changed cost of units update
  • We’ve removed aim limits for Mark VI ultimate ability
  • After PvP season reset chance of rank update is increased
  • Timers in tutorial missions were removed
  • Bosses spawning spots were moved to first half of first sector
  • New prices for consumables
  • Mark VI ultimate ability doesn’t guarantee critical hit anymore
  • Scout missions were rebalanced
  • Missions 1, 2, 11 and 16 were rebalanced
  • Missions with bosses grant 15% more XP
  • After achieving 4,5 and 6 player’s account level you will receive 15 of energy instead of 10
  • Endless dungeons were rebalanced

Other improvements

  • Multiple visual effects were improved
  • Multiple UI issues were fixed
  • Multiple bugs were fixed


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