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Welcome to Chaos Lords devblog, this is Digital Pill, small team of game enthusiasts who have grown up on classical tactical RPGs and strategy games and always dreamt of making our own product. That we would create and play with passion.  Each member of our future team was involved in the process of making games […]


Greetings Lords, This is Digital Pill log #2. It’s 2AM now in our timezone and we want to share some thoughts about last update while our tireless work is fresh in mind. Let’s talk about new stuff and what’s coming next. Mines We’ve decided that it’s a good time for Diamonds Fever in Tartesia. Miners […]


Hey all, Chaos Lords team is here to give a quick update on what’s new coming with the last update. New units We believe that more units will give you more tactical benefits on the battlefield. Check these special forces for your army: New dwarf soldiers – Brotherhood of Axe and Pretorians New elven soldiers […]


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