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Chaos Lords 2.0. Factions and Heroes Systems Preview

So, as we have mentioned many times before, with the release of the update, the Factions system will undergo changes.

Right now the Factions system allows you to build your Army in such a way as to have an advantage over opponents. For example, army of Dwarves deals more damage to Elves, and army of Humans deals more damage to Dwarves.

We think this system adds depth and variety to the way players prepare their armies for the next challenge, so we decided to expand it.

New system of Factions dependancies

Now a responsible approach to the formation of the Army for a particular task will be rewarded even more, since you not only do more damage to the faction that is vulnerable to yours, but also do less damage to the faction to which your fighters are vulnerable.

For example, Humans (Alliance of the Plains) will do 130% damage to Dwarves (Brotherhood of the Mountains), but 70% damage to Elves (Union of Forests).

Also, as you can see from the new faction tooltip image above, a new Chaos faction will appear in the game, opposing Order. Order and Chaos deal 130% damage to each other and 100% damage to all other Factions.

From a recent poll, we saw that many of our players would like to play for the forces of Chaos, and then the question arose:
What kind of heroes will become heroes of Chaos? T’en Ta Krul? Morana? Zenara?
We’ve found a better solution!

Heroes will now have alternate versions belonging to other factions. For this, our wonderful artists and animators have already redrawn some of the existing Heroes.

How about those Kramers?

Or these new Alexandras?

Animations were also adapted to new Heroes looks.

These alternate versions are full-fledged standalone heroes. Like all heroes, they can be obtained from soul stones and various game activities.

Let’s say right away that not all Heroes will have an alternative version for each faction. Some will have 3, some will have 2. Besides, additional alternative versions of Heroes will appear in subsequent updates.

This concludes our small preview. Until the release of Update 2.0, we will continue to share various information about the upcoming changes, so stay tuned. You can do this both on Facebook and in our Discord (https://discord.gg/PkZfv2VCaC). Here you can quickly find out information on the game, chat with the developers, and offer your ideas (and there are also secret giveaways of in-game prizes every weekend). We will be glad to see everyone!

— Marat “Rad_bone” Sabitov, Community Manager, Digital Pill


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