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[8/20/2019] – Patch notes 1.5.0

Greetings Lords, 

This is Digital Pill log #3. It’s been a while since we published our last update and it’s because we prepared something big and special for you. 

Let’s see some details:

No more lootboxes

More buttons, less crates

It’s 2019 already and existence of lootboxes in your game is a kind of bad taste these days. We started game development 2 years ago and we felt it’s right way for game design but now we understand that it totally ruined our game. It makes all player’s decisions slow and ineffective. So instead of waiting until your reward is available, you can now just fight the enemies for any time you want and get rewards right after every win.

What instead of lootboxes?

Fight more, get more

We’ve changed our progress system to free analogue of Battle Pass where you receive great rewards for just playing the game. Built the building from the tutorial? Get the additional resources. Finished some difficult mission that you planned to do anyway? Go get your new beautiful armor. 

New mechanic – Grind

To support your army training for every difficult mission or your guild fight for the episodes we’ve added Grind mechanic that will give you an opportunity to go through all completed missions and receive some additional rewards. 

Your map experience is fully redesigned

One of the most important changes is map redesign. During the development we understood that our beautiful map has lack of interaction with player. We decided that map should be something big for the game and we also want to make guilds something very important for the players. So we decided to combine these both crucial things into one fantastic feature, where different guilds are fighting for their influence over the different territories on the map. 

No more barracks

We’ve found barracks not very useful since you can only buy there new soldiers. And why do we need two different places to buy something if we already have the market? We don’t. And with free spot on the base we decided to put there some more engaging building with leaderboards. You can now challenge yourself to get better place on the ladder. 

Scouts moved to the map


One of the key steps to help you get focused on the map is moving Scouts from the base to the map. You are just choosing highlighted element on the map and fight against the enemy. And from now you will be not alone. We’ve added co-operative fights for this mode. You can ask your guildmates to help you and these difficult fights will be nothing for you. 

Talk to the players 

We’ve added chat to the game and you can now talk to all players in the game. Stuck with any difficult mission? Don’t know what rally to use? Want to discuss which hero is the best? Everything is possible now!

And there are many other improvements:

  • New home screen interface
  • New fight start window
  • Fixed issue with blank window when you open Guild screen
  • Added option to check opponent’s mannequin in PvP
  • Fusing is moved from Smithy to Mage Tower
  • Changed prices for heroes opening
  • Energy restoring is now moved from the special window to the bank
  • New weapons and armor class – very uncommon
  • Changed daily quests system, daily energy collection is not a requirement for making all the quests completed
  • Improved soldiers changing on hero’s mannequin
  • New victory window interface
  • Improved hard missions
  • Changed balance of next soldiers: Rangers, Mace Fighters and Pretorians
  • AUTO-battle settings are now saved for all future fights
  • Dwoggour’s cast time is decreased
  • Added option to buy PvP tickets
  • Added option to change framerate from 30 to 60 FPS
  • Guild functionality is moved to the castle
  • Added subscription option for additional bonuses after each battle
  • Added RU localization 
  • Fixed Rogmar’s ability on mission 120
  • Special offers are now showing at the first screen of the game
  • Fixed closing of pop-up with soldiers on hero’s mannequin
  • Improved interface of defeat window
  • Improved interface of the missions
  • Improved window with special offers, added descriptions of the items
  • Improved visual effects for some abilities like stunning, Dwoggour’s ultimate ability and Butcher’s one. 
  • Increased pulling distance of Dorfin’s ability
  • Improved statistics window after the battle
  • Improved Daily Quests window
  • Added new sounds
  • Added tips for players to the loading screen
  • Improved description of some items in the chests
  • Added a progress bar for PvP ranks
  • Improved description of heroes souls
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Fixed Retry and To Map buttons functionality in Endless Dungeons and To Guild button in Boss fights
  • Improved souls search from hero’s mannequin
  • Fixed issue when player saw incorrect availability of an Endless Dungeon free try
  • Fixed issue when player saw incorrect time of research in the Academy
  • Fixed interface of hero’s mannequin
  • Added option to search the guilds


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