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[6/14/2019] – Patch notes 1.4.0

Greetings Lords,

This is Digital Pill log #2. It’s 2AM now in our timezone and we want to share some thoughts about last update while our tireless work is fresh in mind.

Let’s talk about new stuff and what’s coming next.


We’ve decided that it’s a good time for Diamonds Fever in Tartesia. Miners can save the planet from global catastrophe and your pouch from greatest hole. Now you can buy Mines for your castle and generate Diamonds on a daily basis. Just don’t forget to visit game regularly because miners need some breath!

New soldiers

Tartesia is bleeding after so many fights and it needs some care. Matriarchy is a new evolution of elven support soldiers. They are ancient enough to answer on all questions and help this world to protect itself.

Vietnamese localization

We’ve seen a huge interest from Vietnamese players to our game so we decided to reward it with dedicated translation.

Chào mừng, Lords from Vietnam! Btw, we’ve opened the game for your market so no more struggling with access to your play.

Improved Daily quests system

It’s evolved! We’ve added different ranks of daily quests. Each rank depends on your level. Now you can feel how mature your character is. On daily basis.

And we’ve also added special button to make your daily accomplishments easier and faster.

New visuals

It’s our challenge to deliver the most beautiful and stable visual effects for your fight. This time we improved those for Alexandra, Xenara and for *meh* Burg.

Alexandra now has the true magic abilities instead of some alien technologies.

Xenara’s animation is bloody as blood now.

Burg finally received special effects for his abilities. Looks like he’s gathering a lot of energy from his rage.


One critical thing in all this game development is that you need to balance things sometimes. Some of these changes sound good for you, some of them not. But in the end all of our decisions here made for the sake of bright future for the game. In this update we’ve updated endless dungeons, loot crates, guild market and daily quests.

Endless dungeons created one sad situation: players retreated after first stage and felt very comfortable with it. This is not how we’ve designed your experience. So now it’s not beneficial to drop on first stages, you will get a very small amount of gems for them.

Second improvement of endless dungeons is an increased time for each stage walkthrough. We’ve heard a lot of feedback about this one and agreed that you should have more time.

On guild market we’ve decreased prices for some items. Go and get some!

And we’ve reduced scrolls drop chance.

And we’ve reduced amount of free passes for Endless dungeons. Good news: for daily quest accomplishment you also need only one try.

One more thing, you can break items for free now. Sounds more realistic, doesn’t it?

What else

Also we’ve made a lot of fixes and UI improvements. Complete list of changes is below:

  • Rebalanced some missions in 3rd sector
  • Improved Xenara’s ultimate ability
  • Fixed incorrect highlighting of heroes required for 3-star mission walkthrough
  • Fixed issue with visual effect of Mark VI and Sol after they’re dead
  • Fixed monsters defence in second stage of endless dungeon
  • Improved Marana’s ultimate ability icon 
  • Added benefits demonstration in diamonds shop
  • Improved HP bar and fight speed settings
  • Improved army notifications, removed notification for heroes that are not currently in use
  • Fixed issue with UI when you could open energy recharge instead of pop-up window closing
  • Fixed issue when inventory shows incorrect number of gems from Endless Dungeon
  • Improved Bank interface
  • Changed background of skill bar on hero and soldier mannequin
  • Changed Skip button in Tutorial
  • Added Daily quests grade that depends on player’s level
  • Improved enchanting interface
  • Changed Skip button in Tutorial
  • Added Daily quests grade that depends on player’s level
  • Improved enchanting interface
  • Improved using of potions on hero mannequin
  • Improved choosing of heroes in tactics interface
  • Rebalanced daily quests
  • Added items rotation after crafting
  • Improved inventory interface
  • Improved Demon Portal animation
  • Fixed incorrect color of online guild member indicator
  • Added links to Chaos Lords social channels
  • Improved hero mannequin
  • Improved animation of Seymour awakened ability
  • Fixed issue with incorrect ability stats when player changes items on mannequin
  • Fixed issue when health bar position of Bosses was out of battlefield 
  • Fixed issue when price of scrolls upgrade was shown incorrectly
  • Fixed issues with art of battlefield
  • Added option to check information about item received from Log In quests
  • Added icons of items type for crafting shards
  • Added pop-up window for app store review after tutorial
  • Added different sounds
  • Improved auto-cast for Morana and Mark VI
  • Added GO buttons in Daily Quests
  • Improved push notifications system to avoid receiving them by player in the night time
  • Rebalanced missions in second sector
  • Added diamonds as daily quests reward
  • Added ‘To Battle’ button on tactics screen during mission preparation
  • Added Boss health bar on World bosses screen in Guild section
  • Improved scout missions in 2nd and 3rd sectors
  • Improved slowing effect (mud puddle)
  • Improved tutorial messages
  • Added notification about opportunity to join the guild
  • Changed font size for in-game messages 
  • Fixed the issue when after tap on enhancing weapon there is no information about its upgraded version
  • Changed page with special offers. Now there can be more than one offer at a time
  • When player buys soldiers from barracks, these soldiers get level which is relevant to their evolution
  • Fixed issue when deleted guilds were showing in ratings
  • Redesigned some buttons to make it more comfortable to tap
  • Fixed issue with red gems on Dungeons market
  • Improved Trader daily quest


In coming months you will see huge amount of changes and the game will look actually quite different in terms of base mechanics. We are thrilled to see how you will meet all our efforts but in any case we want to say thank you for staying with us! Now close this pathetic patch note and go try some new features!


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