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[16.12.2020] December Update of Chaos Lords

Lords and Ladies!

We are pleased to present you the update of Chaos Lords to version 1.18. As the end of this year approaches (for some, maybe not even fast enough), we are focusing on improving the balance of combat units and the economy, reworking some classic modes and mechanics, and preparing the base for something really grandiose, which we will talk about at the end of the article!

See you in Tartesia, heroes!

Contents of the article:

  • Global server unification.
  • Changes to the balance of the power of heroes and soldiers.
  • Redesigned “Grind” mode.
  • Removal of minor markets.
  • Changes to soul stones. Again
  • Changes to rewards
  • Other changes

Global server unification

First, let’s deal with the “elephant in the room” (although in this case it’s not an elephant, but a whole whale). You asked us, we did it. With the release of Update 1.18, all three servers: EU-1, EU-2 and RU-1 will be combined with saving or compensating profile progress. The only server will be EU-1.

We have previously sent information about this in the game, in our groups on social networks and on the server in Discord. 

By the way, we strongly advise you to join our Discord — https://discord.gg/PkZfv2VCaC. Besides the fact that we often publish more information about the upcoming changes and run unique giveaways there, this is also the fastest way to get in touch with the developers!

As part of this article, we decided to once again clarify and summarize information regarding the transfer of profiles and their progress:

  1. If you have a profile on RU-1 / EU-2, but not on EU-1, then your profile will be transferred to EU-1 without changes and with the preservation of all materials and progress. You will continue to play without changes;
  2. If your profile on RU-1 / EU-2 is lower than on EU-1, then you will continue to play on EU-1 profile. You will also receive a compensation in the amount of 10 000 crystals by mail and resources from the RU-1 and / or EU-2 profiles: materials, gold, crystals and equipment (without sharpening).
  3. If your profile on RU-1 / EU-2 is higher than on EU-1, then this profile (the highest in account level) is transferred to EU-1. You will also receive compensation, 10 000 crystals and resources from other profiles: materials, gold, crystals and equipment (without sharpening). We cannot transfer the progress of soldiers, uppgrades from the academy, upgrades of the mine and souls used in heroes.

If the levels of the profiles are the same, then the one with more experience will be chosen as the main one. If the amount of experience is the same, then the EU-2 / RU-1 account will be chosen as the main one.

Regarding guilds:

The guilds themselves are carried over with the same name, but with the signature “RU-1” or “EU-2” at the end of the name. With all your settings. 

If your profile on EU-1 is already in the server guild, then it remains in it.

If the profile on EU-1 is not a member of the guild, and the profile with RU-1 / EU-2 was a member of the guild, then the updated profile on EU-1 will automatically join the guild transferred from the old servers.

All captured guild regions from RU-1 and EU-1 are not transferred. It will be necessary to conquer them again.

We hope that this change will increase activity, bring new players into the battle for the top spots in the game and undermine the balance of power.

By the way, about the balance…

Heroes and soldiers Power balance changes

Due to the appearance of many new Heroes and changes in the balance of soldiers that have taken place over the past year, the game developed such a situation when the most reliable strategy at high levels was to upgrade soldiers, and put heroes as support.

Chaos Lords was developed as a game about unique and interesting Heroes, by combining which, the player can reveal their strengths and cover up their weaknesses.

The current situation completely breaks this concept, so we slightly weaken the soldiers and significantly strengthen the Heroes.

Here are the key changes:

  1. Increased the difference in Hero power based on rarity. If earlier a rare hero with one star was equal to a regular hero with two stars, now each step of rarity is +1 star compared to the previous rarity;
Noiane’s Power in Last Update

2. Changed the cost of opening heroes:
Normal Hero = 30 souls;
Uncommon Hero = 100 souls;
Rare hero = 200 souls;
Epic hero = 300 souls.

3. On opening Heroes instantly acquire a certain rank:
Normal Hero – 1 star;
Unusual Hero – 2 stars;
Rare Hero – 3 stars;
Epic Hero – 4 Stars.

4. After awakening, Heroes will have the same rarity as before, and not turn into legendary ones. We decided that it was wrong to equate all heroes with legendary ones and change their rarity “frame” after awakening, since their attributes did not change. We have increased the difference in the strength of Heroes depending on their rarity, so the essence of the “frames” is changing a lot. We decided to temporarily remove legendary frames from awakened heroes. Now, after waking up, they will look like this:

5. Improved activations of Heroes’ abilities in auto-combat;

6. The “pluses” of the soldiers in the academy are removed. The spent gold is compensated in full;

7. The characteristics of human soldiers are increased to the level of elves and dwarves. Previously, elves and dwarves were about 2 levels stronger than humans. We have removed this difference. Academy prices will also be corrected;

8. Increased health for Heroes and soldiers. With the growth of the power and strength of the characters, battles become too fast, and at the highest levels, characters can die in literally 1-2 hits. To make the battles more spectacular and give the player more room for tactical maneuvers, we have extended the battle by increasing the health of all characters. This change does not affect any attributes other than the general health of the character;

9. We made special promotions for epic Heroes, changing every week. These promotions will allow you to get Epic Heroes in the most profitable way.

Particular attention should be paid to the new mechanic, which is likely to have a significant impact on the way you build your army.

Faction Weakness System

In the game, some factions are now more effective against others and deal 30% more damage.

We’ve added a loading screen to the game with a hint of who is inflicting increased damage and to whom:

According to this scheme:

  • Dwarves are effective against elves;
  • People are effective against gnomes;
  • Elves are effective against humans;
  • Chaos does not cause additional damage to other factions, but it does not itself receive increased damage from anyone.

We can’t wait to see what new army combinations you come up with!

Reworked Grind mode

Grind, in the form in which it was in the previous update, often caused questions from players and had several obvious problems:

  • The easiest way was to pass it with an “autoclicker”, since otherwise you had to sit and poke the “Raid “Until the Hourglass or Bread runs out (or the player’s patience);
  • It demanded as many as 2 currencies, which were practically not used anywhere else in the game;
  • Since Grind implies a large spread in the quality and quantity of awards, it was very disappointing to spend all the accumulated Bread and Hourglass, and get nothing of value becasue of the bad luck.

We’ve completely overhauled this mode and made it much more player-friendly. We advise you to try it yourself in the game, but for those who have not yet had time or cannot do it, we will briefly present it here:

In the updated Grind mode, your army will continuously fight against monsters without your participation and without the risk of losing. Every minute, while your army is fighting, a reward will be added to the chest. 

The higher the player’s progress in the campaign, the more reward he receives in 1 minute.

The chest can hold a reward for more than 12 hours of combat.

The player can also immediately receive a reward in 12 hours by skipping time for crystals. 

This is how the new “Grind” will look like in the game:

Removal of Bread and Hourglass

Since the new Grind does not require Bread (and this is practically the only mode where bread was really needed), we decided to completely remove it from the game. There are some subtleties associated with this:

  1. Bread is no longer required for campaign missions;
  2. In difficult missions on the map, where bread was previously required to start, there will now be 2 free attempts per day. Additional attempts can be purchased with crystals;
  3. Bread is also removed from rewards in all activities;
  4. The daily action “Help for beginners” has been removed in the store.
  5. The mechanism for adding experience to the player has changed. Now the player receives experience points directly from the mission, and not for the spent bread. Because of these changes, experience is awarded in a completely different way and the player will see different numbers, but don’t worry, this is taken into account in the experience required for leveling up.

Extra Bread (when the amount of bread exceeds the daily limit) accumulated by some players will be compensated in the amount of 1 crystal for each unit of Bread exceeding the maximum amount.

In addition to bread, the Hourglass will also be removed from the game. We know that many players might have accumulated enough of them, so we compensate them in the measurement of 100 gold per Hourglass.

Removal of Minor Markets

Another important part of the game that has undergone major changes has been the Markets and their currencies.

This was done for several reasons:

  1. Now players will receive more rewards from missions and modes, so markets will no longer be such an important source of equipment;
  2. Due to the fact that in the game many modes had their own currencies and separate markets (the goods of which almost had nothing to do with their respectable modes in any way and, in general, did not differ much between the markets) interactions with the markets turned into a constant search for the better offer with calculating the cost of that or other currency;
  3. Situations were not uncommon when the most needed product was sold in another market for the currency that the player did not have, and even having spent all the crystals, it was possible not to have time to accumulate the required amount before the goods had chaged.

We decided to simplify the mechanics of the market, make it more understandable and predictable, so that players can better plan their purchases. Here are the changes we made:

  1. All minor markets (guild market, arena market, dungeon market) have been removed from the game;
  2. All secondary market currencies were removed from the game and compensated in the amount of:
    20 Boss coins = 100 Gold,
    10 Arena coins = 100 Gold,
    20 Dungeon coins = 100 Gold,
    50 Guild coins = 100 Gold;
    Even if you have less currency left than you need to compensate, it will disappear, and you will receive 100 Gold;
  3. The goods in the new market contain consumables for leveling up (experience bottles, scrolls, dust), ore, siege tokens and soul stones. Products also have a much more predictable rotation;
  4. The goods on the market change every hour, not 4 as it was before;
  5. Large, medium and small equipment chests have been moved from store to market;
  6. The cost of refreshing goods on the market has changed:
    1 time – 50 crystals;
    2 times – 75 crystals;
    3 times – 100 crystals;
    4 times – 150 crystals;
    5 times – 200 crystals
  7. Now it is possible to receive goods on the market for watching short ads. Products for ads are refreshed along with the rest of the market, in other words, every hour you can watch a short advertisement and pick up the product for free.

The changes to the market system are just a part of the big changes in how and what rewards players receive. We’ll talk more about these changes below.

Soul Stones Changes. Again

Once again, we change the Soul Stones. This time even more drastically.

In the last update, we did not change the stones themselves, but we reduced their drop chances and increased the number of souls they contain. Our goal was to make Soul Stones a rare reward that gives the player a large number of valuable and useful souls.

Having used such a system for a couple of months, we realized that we have a lot of different stones, but the rewards in them differ little. Because of this, when receiving soul stones, there was no feeling that you came across something cool.

We decided to completely change the system of Soul Stones, at the same time simplifying it and making it more logical.

There are now 3 Soul Stones:

  1. A Lesser Soul Stone, which contains the souls of normal and uncommon Heroes. Opening price of 25 crystals for one and 220 for 10;
  2. A Soul Stone containing the souls of unusual, rare and epic Heroes. Opening price of 110 crystals for one and 1000 for 10;
  3. Chaos Soul Stone containing the souls of rare and epic Heroes. This stone cannot be purchased from the mage’s tower or the market. Such stones can be obtained during the campaign or in special promotions.

Also, now, when you click on each of the stones, you can see the percentage of souls dropped in certain quantities:

Unfortunately, due to such major changes, we again had to remove all existing stones from the players. Naturally, with compensation:

  1. Former Chaos Soul Stones are compensated with Soul Stones, since they have the same rewards;
  2. Former Soul Stones are compensated for 220 diamonds each;
  3. Dungeon, Guild and Arena Soul Stones of the are compensated for by 150 diamonds each.

Changing Rewards

We’re almost done, but there are still a few important changes to different systems that we’ve summarized in the ”Changing Rewards” section.

Mine Changes

  1. The cost of upgrading each level of a mine is reduced from 800 to 500 crystals.
  2. The number of minutes required to mine 1 crystal increased for levels 3, 4 and 5 of the mine from 30, 20 and 10 minutes to 36, 30 and 24 minutes, respectively;
  3. The maximum mine capacity has changed for all levels:
    1st – from 10 to 12 crystals;
    2nd – from 20 to 16 crystals;
    3rd – from 30 to 20 crystals;
    4th – from 40 to 24 crystals;
    5th – from 50 to 30 crystals;
  4. The reduction in the cost of upgrading the mine was compensated for in the amount of 500 crystals for each acquired level of the mine.

Promotional chests

There are now 2 chests in the store with a good reward, which can be obtained by simply watching a few commercials:

  • Golden Chest for 1 Ad. Contains 5000 gold, 50 crystals, 5 Leser Soul Stones and 1 regular Soul Stone. Can be obtained once every 22 hours;
  • Crystal Chest for 5 Ads. Contains 10,000 gold, 100 crystals, 40 pieces of rare equipment, 40 pieces of epic equipment, 1 piece of legendary equipment, 10 blue scrolls, 50 rare dust, 10 Lesser Soul Stones and 2 Soul Stones. Can be obtained once every 8 hours.

PvP rewards changes

  1. Removed chests for PvP rating. For an unclear reason, new players on EU-1 were immediately given a Platinum rating, allowing them to collect a large number of chests with rewards, which makes progress meaningless;
  2. Changed daily and seasonal PvP rating rewards.

Not experience, but Glory

We have replaced the classic designation of the experience of the account — “EXP”, more appropriate to the world of Tartesia — “Glory”. From the player’s side, only the name and appearance of the indicator will change. A small chage, but welcomed)

Changes to Offers

Crystals have been added to all Leveling up consumables Offers!

Editing Guild Information

The cost of changing the Guild information changed to 50 crystals instead of 500.

Changes to the rewards in the Progress menu

  • Changed the conditions for opening almost all buildings on the base;
  • The contents of the chests has been completely changed$
  • Changes in rewards for the highest gaming activity:
    • 1st place – 10 Chaos Soul Stones;
    • 2nd place – 6 Chaos soul stones;
    • 3rd place – 3 Chaos soul stones;

Other changes

Changes to rewards related to the removal of Bread and Hourglass from the game and rework of Soul Stones

  • Changes to the content of the daily free offer in the store;
  • Changes to rewards from sieges;
  • Changes to rewards of the referral system;
  • Changes to rewards for entering the game;
  • Changes to rewards for dungeons;
  • Changes to rewards for daily quests;
  • Changes in the contents of guild chests;
  • Changes to the results of alchemy reactions and alchemy rewards;
  • Changes to rewards for stars in hard missions on the map.


  • The balance of the scout missions has been corrected so that they can be completed in about 3-4 attempts, as originally intended.

User Interface and Account

  • Dungeons now open at levels 30, 90 and 180;
  • Some “Main” quests have been removed from the game. Main quests will be removed from the game soon. We have left several key quests that are understandable and accessible to the player.
  • In the Mage Tower added darkening to interface segments not selected by the player;
  • Free daily offer is now displayed at the end of the “Offers” list in the store;
  • If the chest in the Grind is full, a red dot will appear next to the “Grind” icon on the base;
  • Adjusted Tutorial slides to reflect the latest changes in the game;
  • Added faction indicators to all unit icons (allies and opponents);
  • A lot of work has been done with localization, in particular for Polish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese;
  • Added an “Open” button to the inventory when viewing Soul Stones;
  • The section “Buy for Diamonds” has been removed from the store, since after the changes in this update there are no goods left;
  • Zoomed in on the map and fixed the scale. Also, for convenience, we added directional arrows to bosses, scout missions and chests;
  • Removed animation of rewards flying out of the chest. Nice looking, but not practical;
  • Returned the “back” arrow to the map;
  • Changed the sorting of items in the inventory and when viewing the hero. Now the Boss equipment will be at the top of the list;
  • Put the tab with Soul Stones first in the magician’s tower;
  • Improved the readability of the amount of experience in XP potions;
  • Promotional chests available for obtaining in the store are marked with a red dot;
  • Soul Stones that can be opened will be marked with a red dot;
  • Replaced the soldier experience icon in the battle preparation window.


  • Fixed that infamous bug in alchemy, when after a reaction the game gave out 99 non-existent amulets and hung tightly;
  • A bug on the IPhone at the beginning of the game, when the hand shows the ability of the Hero, the player could exit the application and return. After that, a pause window appeared that cannot be closed.
  • When viewing an equipment through a bag / character, its attribute disappeared. Returned to its place;
  • Fixed the order of events in the Portal. Halloween every month and a half is certainly exotic, but let’s leave a space for other holidays too;
  • System tags in some spells have been replaced with human text. We are not androids, after all;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Power of soldiers could decrease after evolving them;
  • Some Bosses on the map were smaller than intended. I heard size is not that important;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the enemy archers put barricades in the opposite direction. A short briefing on military strategy and everything works like a charm!
  • Fixed a bug due to which Gulbert did not use his ultimate in auto-fight properly. We poured more of the “Holy Drink” into his mug and lowered ABV;
  • Fixed Pause screen. Now it is removed only when you press the “Continue” button;
  • Fixed the display of texts in the abilities of some heroes and soldiers.


Phew! Well, that seems to be all. Now, as promised, we are talking about that very “something really grandiose”!

With the release of version 1.18 Chaos Lords will undergo a several month long rework changing huge number of systems.

Over the past year, we have been actively testing the features that were created at the beginning of the game’s life.

We have a lot of new ideas and concepts about what kind of game Chaos Lords should be. We will implement these ideas in the huge update of Chaos Lords 2.0, which is expected to be released in April 2021.

You will have to wait a bit, but it will be worth it! We look forward to your support during this period.

See you in Tartesia!


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