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[12/18/2019] – Balance update Patch notes

Hail, friends!Last updated Chaos Lords in 2019. Changes in version 1.9.0 mainly affected the network code and balance aspects. Read on for details!


  • Introduction;
  • Improvements;
  • Balance;
  • Bug fixes.


Chaos Lord’s fourth and the last update in the outgoing year. The majority of changes are dedicated to technical aspects. We’ve improved the network code, set up servers remove in order to establish a stable and fast game performance, so all the freezes and sticky crashes will be left in the past year. Important changes have occurred in the game economy. We have reviewed diamonds value.

The new year will bring us new heroes, new game modes, and more exciting stuff.

See you in Tartesia, Hero


We have added numerous improvements that will improve the overall perception of the game. A significant part of the improvements is based on players’ feedback. Thank you very much for making Chaos Lords better.

View Soul Stones content

We’ve implemented the ability to see all Soulstones content. To do this just tap Soulstone in the Portal tab.

View Crafting Items

One of the popular player’s suggestions is the ability to see the possible crafting result — a popular and important one. From now, when you create an item, you can tap the created item icon to see a list of all characteristics available.

Other improvements

  • Added the ability to view the strength of an enemy in PvP history;
  • The Raid button UI improved;
  • Added the Dungeons helper tab;
  • Added the ability to enter your guild from the “Roaming Monsters” interface.


We have changed some prices and leveling mechanisms. Such changes mostly caused by players’ rapid progress. After this update, the speed of army leveling will slow down. Still, the value from equipment and Academy researchers will rise.Heroes

Phaendar is an interesting hero. Initially, we designed him as a support hero with decent utility skills that give a broad potential for all kinds of combos. However, a mishap appeared, so Phaendar’s health was divided by 10. We’ve resolved the mistake, but still, the Dark Monk did not have enough survivability to reveal his potential. We «promoted» Phaendar to an «uncommon» hero to strengthen him. Due to the occurred issue, in the update chest, you will find Phandar’s souls so you can test him in combat.


  • Changed the number of diamonds in PvP;
  • The daily task «Skillful» can be completed by unlocking the hero ability;
  • White dust sell removed;
  • White scrolls sell removed;
  • Cost of Academy research accelerating reworked;
  • Increased the amount of experience needed to increase heroes and soldiers level;
  • «Progress» chest content changed;
  • Market changes: content and the update time;
  • Siege rewards reworked;
  • Mission rewards reworked;
  • Three stars «hard missions» reward reworked;
  • Item Break reworked.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that displayed the equipment attributes wrong;
  • Fixed a bug with Sir Kramer incorrectly usage of the «Dirty Trick»;
  • Fixed a bug when the Guild leader received «eternal» guild invite letter;
  • Fixed a bug when Girana loses her power on the second level of «Bouncing shield»;
  • Fixed a bug with Diana’s «Poison Bomb» description;
  • Fixed a bug that does not allow to improve units’ «all characteristics»;
  • Fixed a bug with the «Roaming monsters» chest incorrect display;
  • UI fixes;
  • Localization fixes.


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