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[12/02/2019] – Content update Patch notes

Hail, friends!

A new content-rich update becomes available soon on AppStore and Google Play. A lot of new soldiers, new hero, guild functional expansion and more! Read on for details!


  • Preface
  • New Hero
  • New soldiers
  • Expansions
  • Improvements
  • Balance
  • Offers
  • Bug fixes


Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to introduce you the third major update. Our tiny team continues to hard work on the game. We’ve finally finished all soldiers development branches, implemented the officers in guilds, added new hero and significantly changed the in-game economy. We have one more update planned for this year mostly dedicated to server code improvement. Next year we have a new campaign episode and more new awesome stuff. Thank you for staying with Chaos Lords and see you in Tartesia.

New Hero


Pronich is a new dwarvish frontline hero who specializes on a battlefield control and allies cover. “Dreadnought” can withstand continual enemy damage, shower the enemy with fire, and erupt earthquake that damages and slows the enemies down.

New soldiers

Pallid Leaves

New «Resistance» branch- meet the Pale Leaves. These fighters have achieved extraordinary dark magic skill. The «Touch of the Darkness» ability allows Pale Leaves to frighten the enemy with a successful attack.


A new «Elven Knights» branch – the batterers. These fighters specialize in dodging the enemy attacks followed with swift and deadly counter-punches. The «Fighting mastery» ability allows these melee fighters to evade enemy attacks efficiently.

Sisters of the Forest

A new «Rangers» branch – Sisters of the Forest. These warriors achieved a unique bond with nature, which allows them to summon wild lynxes into the battlefield.

Kreim arbalests

A new «Dwarf Lookouts» branch — Kreim Arbalests. Acknowledged that dwarves’ favorite weapons are axes and crossbows. These warriors are both proficient at melee and ranged combat, all thanks to the «Tactical Advantage» ability.

Heavy Crossbowmen

A new «Dwarf Lookouts» branch — Heavy Crossbowmen. During the war with the dragons, dwarves quickly realized that it’s vitally important to keep the distance. «Flying Spears» ability allows you to keep the enemy afar, by pushing the target back.

Priests of Light

A new «Suppliers» branch — Priests of Light. These units can blind the enemies using the «Blinding Nova» ability.

Sisters of Charity

A new «Suppliers» branch — Sisters of Charity. These units can heal the allies by using the «Tasty Bread».


New building — Portal

We added a new building – the Portal, where all Souls have been moved. Use the Portal to summon new heroes’ souls instead of the Mage Tower

Rank Up interface

A new «Rank up» window has been implemented. It clearly demonstrates the difference between heroes’ characteristics before and after the rank increase.

Guild officers

Perhaps the most popular players’ suggestion is to limit the ability to open a new siege for common members and the implementation of guild officers. From now on, only the guild leader and his loyal officers can start a new siege. This is the first significant innovation in guild management. We will continue to extend the guild function in future updates.

Boss equipment

New boss items – a unique outfit consisting of trophies of defeated monsters – have been added. This equipment will be useful for mid-level players. Right now, the Boss equipment can only be purchased in a special offer that opens after defeating a specific Boss. Additional ways to obtain Boss items will be implemented in the future.


New language version: Italian

The game is localized on Italian. By the way, the localization was made by our player, who kindly volunteered to help us with the translation. Thank you so much!

Chat improvement

By popular demands, we’ve slowed the automatical chat down. Chat no longer jumps to the recent message. Feel free to read the messages and scroll the correspondence history.

Non-combat change of game speed

Another implemented suggestion — it’s possible now to change the combat speed or turn the auto mode on and off during before the fight starts. Speed and Auto buttons are tappable during the combat introduction screen.

Notification: Boss lifetime ends soon

It might be challenging to track all World Bosses, while it might be essential for high-level players to attack Boss at its later stages. To make it easier, we have added notifications that the Boss disappears soon. Allow the application pop-ups, and you never miss the timing.


In this update, we have significantly changed the number of diamonds obtained. The diamonds were designed as a rare and valuable currency. During the game changes, the diamond’s value dropped dramatically: some lords have a big stock of diamonds, some players don’t use them at all. Another issue is the monopoly on the diamond regions of the two mightiest guilds. According to these factors, we’ve considerably revised the sieges and progress rewards to actualize diamonds and return their value. We will continue working on the game economy, so its current state isn’t final and will change soon.

  • The ability to sell small experience potions removed;
  • «Pirate Ship» Scouting Monsters mission changed;
  • Sol’s ult auto-cast changed;
  • Fandar’s souls have been added to the market;
  • Banners removed;
  • Scroll crafting cost changed;
  • Siege rewards changed;
  • Progress rewards changed.

Special offers

  • Boss items offers added

Bug fixes

  • Numerous localization fixes;
  • Multiple UI fixes and improvements;
  • Fixed the bug with incorrect visualization of selling equipment part;
  • Fixed a bug with a red dot in equipment;
  • Fixed a bug with completed shared roaming monsters visualization;
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect guild controlling the region visualization.
  • Fixed a bug when roaming monsters won’t appear in the fight.


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