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[11/07/2019] – Autumn update Patch notes

Greetings, Heroes!

We’ve just released a Chaos Lords Autumn update. New hero, new soldiers, numerous improvements, and gameplay changes. Read on for the detail!


  • Preface;
  • New hero;
  • New soldiers;
  • Expansions;
  • Improvements;
  • Balance;
  • Special offers;
  • Bug fixes.


We are glad to introduce you Chaos Lords second update. It’s been two months after the World release. Chaos Lords continues to retain a good rating on Google Play and AppStore, all thanks to you, friends. More and more players discover the wonderful world of Tartesia. More and more we work on the game quality, so the journey to Tartesia will be exciting and comfortable for you. The game still has some malfunctions and mishaps, to which our Team has declared war. We win one battle after another, and slowly but confidently getting closer to victory. Like the previous update, this one prioritizes technical stuff; nevertheless, we haven’t left you without new content.

See you in Tartesia

New hero


Phatndar the dark monk

Phaendar is a new elven melee hero. The Dark Monk makes stunning blows, heals nearby allies, and escapes the enemies by unleashing the Unstoppable Barrage on their heads.

New soldiers

New “Rangers” branch — meet the Falconers. Fighters who have achieved extraordinary skill in handling falcons, so that they can turn small hunting birds into a fast as wind, deadly as an arrow, inevitable as the death itself, weapon.

n a proper hands even falcon is a deadly weapon

The key feature of Falconers is the Lacerated wound ability. Each attack of these elven fighters imposes a bleeding effect.


Our players regularly share their ideas on game improvement. This update we have implemented some of the players’ suggestions.

View another player profile

You asked us a lot to implement the possibility to view players’ army and heroes. From now on, you can observe the players’ army and heroes by tapping on the player’s portrait on the arena, guild, and world ranking interface.

Sell equipment parts

Another implemented players’ suggestion is the possibility of equipment parts sale. We understand that many you’ve stocked a lot of unnecessary equipment pieces. Now they can be sold.

Do you have an idea on how to improve the game? Join our Discord and tell us.


We have added numerous improvements that will improve the overall perception of the game.

World Chat

In chat settings, you can select the chat language you are familiar with. We get a lot of players’ suggestions on chat improvement. We decided to start by dividing the world chat into languages. It’s just the beginning.

Mine interface

We made the mine interface simple and straightforward. Also, a helper was added to the upper left corner.

New language version: Spanish

The game is localized into Spanish language.

Timeout message

Error 2906 occurs when you minimize the game during the Roaming monsters, World Bosses, and Dungeon battles. We’ve added a message about the battle time expiration, so players could understand the error source. Please, do not minimize the game during the Roaming monsters, World Bosses, and Dungeon battles.

Other improvements

  • Added Rating helper;
  • Removed second and third place from the siege tab;
  • Map interface improved;
  • Description of range units 0.8 multiplier added;
  • Flag acquisition message added;
  • Mage tower interface improved;
  • Bank and grind buttons animated;
  • Arrows that allow you to switch hard missions added.


  • Alexandra hero ability is global now;
  • The Bosses passive regeneration skill has been removed. No 0% of the damage done from now;
  • World Boss Goblin Tyrant changed;
  • All heroes souls added to Chaos Soulstones;
  • Drose’s skills changed – Now Droz summons three wolve spirits.

Special offers

  • Chests and new packs have been added to the Bank;
  • Daily and weekly special offers added;
  • Monthly and premium subscriptions added.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect enemies display in Hard mission;
  • Fixed a bug with hero characteristics did not change;
  • Fixed Store arrows hitbox;
  • Fixed Helper arrows hitbox;
  • Fixed a bug with the reappearing dialogs;
  • Sorting feature fixed, now sorting takes into account soulstones;
  • Fixed a bug with a red dot in the guild chat;
  • Fixed a bug which makes items at the bottom of the inventory unbreakable;
  • Fixed a bug with the Dwoggur skill;
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect roaming monsters power display;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the player caused 0 boss damage did not receive a reward;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the completion of roaming monsters’ missions was impossible.


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