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[10/07/2019] – Patch notes 1.6.0 Major update

Chaos Lords has just been updated with new Heroes and soldiers, multiple improvements, bug fixes, and more! Read on for details!


  • Preface;
  • New Heroes;
  • New soldiers;
  • Expansion;
  • Improvement;
  • Balance;
  • Bug fixes.


It has been a month since we’ve passed the Wold release. Since then, almost 20 thousand Lords joined the battle for Tartesia. We realize that the game still in a raw stage, and we need time to make it polish. The significant amount of changes remain hidden from the players as we’ve prioritized the application performance to new content. Nevertheless, we’ve added some brand new content. We hope you enjoy it.

Patch highlight

New Heroes


Bazzin is a new dwarven support hero who debuffs the enemies, boosts the allies, and drinks a lot.


Diana is a new elven support hero who specializes in different mixtures. She can both heal the allies and poison the enemies.

New soldiers

New «Resistance» branch — meet the slashers. Swift and deadly melee elven soldiers that jump toward the target to rip it to pieces.


Despite the main idea of the update was optimization, still, we still have added a bunch of new features that will be useful both for newcomers and experienced players.

New Log In quests

We have extended the Log In quests, so you can obtain more stuff including the new items and heroes’ souls.


Perhaps one of the most popular feedback we’ve got is that some of the game features are unclear, uncertain, and not intuitive. We designed the helper tab to solve this issue and provide a decent game experience.


We have added an additional way to get the heroes’ souls. You can get them completing missions, fighting Bosses or just buy some on the market.

Map objects

Map is one of our favorite features. Unfortunately, it might be challenging to figure out how to use it properly. Our bad, agree. We want players to spend more time exploring the map, completing the hard missions, and fight roaming monsters. From now on, chest and barrels with loot will spawn periodically.


Our team is dedicated to constantly improve overall game quality. Some of those changes might be vital in making players’ gaming experience more comfortable!


Hard Mission episodes are numbered. Region’s resources are shown on the map.UI changes and improvement

  • Main interface slightly reworked.
  • Research timer added to the Academy.
  • The enemy’s description added.
  • Banners tab interface reworked.
  • Added the comparison feature between the player’s army power and the enemy army might.

Visual effects

  • Lucian animations and effect improved
  • Alexandra Angelic Wings animation fastened and improved
  • Mark effects updated
  • Blind animation added
  • Norn effects improved

Other improvements

  • Added music into the Map
  • Drop description added
  • Added guild notifications.
  • Mine progress
  • Time zones description added
  • PvP history extended


  • Siege rewards changed. Some regions now grant more resources. Some regions give less but more valuable currency.
  • Added the 6-th multiplier. From now on every after you besiege the sixth region your guild damage multiplies on 0.01.
  • Hard mission rewards changed. Chaosstones added as a reward.
  • Some missions were weaken
  • Level 60 Heroes abilities empowered
  • PvP rewards changed. More guild coins as a reward. New division (platinum) added
  • Grind missions nerfed. We have weakened the enemies in the Grind mission so it’s easy to complete them using Auto-fight.
  • No arena tickets in the market anymore.
  • Tutorial missions changed.
  • Quest changed.
  • Sir Kramer applies «cleave» ability faster which increases the damage dealt.

Bank and Special offers

  • New sets in the Bank
  • Special offer “Oktoberfest in Tartesia” is active from 10.07.2019 until 10.11.2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple localization issues
  • Fixed minor UI bugs
  • Fixed the bug with the «back» button crashing the game
  • Fixed the bug with infinite loading for Android users
  • Fixed the bug with incorrect arena power display (two and three stars units power wasn’t counted)
  • Fixed the bug with immortal Bosses
  • Fixed the bug with Mark VI abilities not leveling higher than level 23
  • Fixed the bug with Grind Missions crashes
  • Fixed the bug with Grind Misson button mislead anywhere instead of grind mission
  • Fixed the bug with incorrect experience gained
  • Fixed the bug with Dwoggur audio effects
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs

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