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[09.25.2020] September Update of Chaos Lords

Lords and ladies!
We are glad to present you the update of Chaos Lords version 1.16. This update focuses on balancing armies and the economy after the last large-scale update, as well as on new localizations. For more information, see the article below.
Enjoy the game!


New localizations
6 new languages have been added to the game:

  • German
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • and traditional Chinese.

First of all we translated a tutorial, hero and soldiers descriptions, interface elements, and other important details for understanding the game. Other texts will be translated gradually.

Invite friends via Facebook
As you may remember, in the last update, we introduced a referral system, and we continue to work on expanding the opportunities for inviting other players. Now you can link your game account to Facebook, see your friends list, and challenge your friend at any time to compare the power of your armies.

Missions and rewards

  • We added new missions: now there are 300 of them. Missions have become more difficult again, the power of opponents was raised following the increase in the power of armies in the last update.
  • The reward for completing a Dungeon is now issued immediately after the end of the stage, instead of being sent by email. If you interrupt the passage of the Dungeon and refuse to continue after restarting the game, the reward is not issued.
  • We updated the composition of rewards in Chests on the Path of Fame, which are issued for completing campaign missions. The Timeless chest now has no Bread and more Hourglasses and gold, and some rewards consists Souls.
  • Special currencies have been removed from rewards for Sieges and replaced with Soulstones.
  • Rewards for daily entry into the game have been updated, now you can start getting them again.


  • Guild novices can not participate in the current Siege season.
  • The number of Guild members has been increased to 20.
  • Bread, Soulstones and XP Potions were removed from the Guild Chests, and Norn souls and Guild coins were added.

Heroes, soldiers and monsters

  • Lydia’s extra damage now takes priority: heroes, bosses, then everyone else.
  • Lunara now strikes with the third skill (Ulta) when ready, when the cooldown runs out.
  • Rust Mages soldiers’ power was lowered: we reduced magic defense, critical hit power and accuracy.
  • Dryad soldiers’ power was fixed: we reduced damage, but increased physical defense and health.
  • The Barricade archers now have barricades, and a bug with a missing icon has been fixed.
  • Bosses are now more powerful.
  • The evolution of soldiers to a new star now costs more expensive.


  • We updated the interface for selecting equipment in the hero’s dummy with a more convenient comparison.
  • The “Under development” label appeared on the closed areas of the map.
  • You can now see the equipment that other characters are wearing in the list of equipment in the character window.
  • Red dots in the collection of secondary heroes (who are not in the army) will no longer glow constantly, but will glow in the character window.
  • The frame around the portraits of the characters now match their rarity. We also added frames to windows where they weren’t there before.
  • When you reach level 60, your account now displays the full experience scale and the “max” label.
  • The” Battle ” button for a region Siege adds a cost of 1 siege coin.
  • We updated the pop-up view for inviting friends via a convenient app.
  • After winning a mission, the power of the enemy’s army in the next mission is now displayed to the right of the window.
  • The collection of soldiers now looks the same as the collection of heroes.
  • Windows and pop-ups in the Android version can now be closed with the Back button on your phone. If you are on the home screen, you will be prompted to exit the game by clicking the Back button. If you are in a battle, then when you click “Back” you will be asked to surrender, another click will mean defeat in the battle.

Other changes

  • We changed the chances of meeting higher league opponents in a Skirmish mode: 50% current PvP League, 10% next PvP League, 15% maximum PvP League. The chance for a Mega battle remained the same (25%), but the Mega battle became more difficult to pass.
  • You now only need 20 scrolls instead of 50 for a normal reaction with an Ostrum in the Alchemy of Magic scrolls event.
  • We disabled the sound of victory and death for soldiers and enemies.
  • If you interrupt a Siege battle after returning to the game, you will be asked to resume the Siege so that you don’t lose your Siege coin.
  • The price of crafting items in the Smithy has increased. The sale price of items has also increased, and also you will get dust of the corresponding rarity when broken items.
  • XP Potions in the Guild market 2 lvl. have become cheaper.
  • Soulstones have become cheaper in the Dungeon and Arena markets.
  • The price of selling dust and scrolls through Inventory has become higher.
  • On Wednesdays, you can now buy Ember in promo actions.
  • Bread is now restored in 2 minutes instead of 12 minutes.

Bug fixes

  • Awakened heroes are now displayed in the PvP ranking.
  • Dwarf soldiers Heavy Crossbowmen could chip away at bosses, the bug is fixed, now the bosses don’t repel.
  • We fixed the display of Awakened heroes in the victory window.
  • We fixed a bug with the display of power of the army, which amounted to 9 999 999.
  • You can now go to the hero window by clicking on its icon from the soldier window.
  • Some items of equipment could not be sold, now the sale price is set for all items.
  • We fixed some errors in texts and localizations.


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