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[08.19.2020] August update of Chaos Lords

Lords & ladies!

We’re glad to introduce the Chaos Lords update of 1.15 version. It’s truly a huge update and important event for our small team — it’s the 1 year anniversary of our game!
That’s why you will find cool gifts within the in-game letter about the update. There’s a lot of new features in the game itself: upgrades of 5-star heroes and completely renewed soldiers, brand new epic hero and skins for heroes, a new combat mode, referral for your friends… and that’s not all! Complete details below.
We’ll meet in Tartesia, fellow heroes!

The content of the article:

  • Awakening of Heroes
  • New epic Hero
  • New Skirmish Mode
  • Skins for Heroes
  • Soldiers rebalance
  • Referral system
  • Guild settings
  • Other improvements

Awakening of Heroes

Many of you have long been waiting for the “Awakening” mechanics, which will upgrade your heroes to the new level. The awakened (or Chaotic) hero will become even more powerful and will gain a fiery illumination. In other words, you will definitely notice such a hero first on the battlefield!

How will Awakening work?

  • You can awake a hero who already has 5 stars.
  • After a 5-star upgrade, the soul bar will turn from green to red, which means that you will continue to accumulate hero’s Chaotic Souls.
  • To awake a hero you will need 50 souls. Then you will upgrade a hero in the usual way by clicking on the up arrow, and you will see the animation.
  • After the hero awakes, the new stars will be red gold.
  • After Awakening, you can accumulate further hero souls, but to upgrade to 6+ stars, you will need to exchange basic souls for Chaotic Souls in the Mage Tower.

New epic hero

This anniversary update couldn’t avoid releasing new epic hero! It’s an elf, that happened again 🙂

Fernar is a forest hermit. He was an elf somewhen. But destiny made him a werewolf-warrior, which can never go back to his elvish form… What happened to him? We suggest you discuss his story! Look for the best Fernar’s legend contest, which will be announced on Friday.

His skills:

  • Hot trail — Fernar attacks the enemy with the least amount of health and deals damage to them. Additionally he deals increased damage to targets under the Stun effect. The number of jumps in a row depends on the ability level and increases at levels 10, 20 and 30.
  • Blood calls — When Fernar has 50% health left, he screams and puts a Fear effect on the 5 enemies around him (doesn’t affect the big bosses). The maximum number of targets increases by one at 2-5 ability levels, reaching a maximum of 9 targets.
  • Wild rut — Fernar deals damage to several targets in the selected area (up to 7), primarily to enemies with the lowest health, and also deals increased damage to frightened enemies. Fernar has invulnerability to debuffs at the time of the cast. Each enemy who was killed during the duration of the ability, strengthens Fernar for the next 60 seconds.

The Skirmish Mode

The update will feature a new cool mode, and with it a new building on the base. By the way, the location of objects on the base will be optimized, and access to buildings will become more convenient.
Skirmish is a one-on-one battle exclusively in manual mode (you can’t use the auto battle).
The opponent is selected with an equal chance from your PvP League, the next one, or even the highest League you have ever managed to reach in the Arena.
If you win, you will receive one of the awards shown in the list. And in a Skirmish mode you can fight without wasting energy.
With a 25% chance, you can get into a Mega battle. In the Mega battle you will fight against a perfectly balanced enemy army, and the reward for winning against such army will be tripled!
You can see what the mode window in the screenshot below.

Skins for Heroes

Another interesting innovation is the “Skins” tab in the hero’s window. Skins change the appearance of the hero and give bonuses to characteristics.
While you can buy skins for Dwoggour (Turtle Mage and Pontific) and Giranna (Griffin Knight, Guardian of Sands and Zombie), then we will gradually introduce new ones to the game.

Soldiers rebalance

Soldiers. This is an important part of your army, and the selection of soldiers is just as important a strategic element. Therefore, we are working to improve and strengthen them. Both the characteristics and skills of soldiers will be changed.
Soldiers will become about 3 times (!!!) stronger in characteristics, each every soldier’s rank will open additional features for their skills.
Below is a list of new soldier skills.


  • Pallid Leaves, skill Touch of the Darkness. Level 1-2: When soldiers are attacked in close combat, they impose fear on the nearest enemy. Level 3: Touch of the Darkness also deals magic damage over time. Level 4: If the target is already under the fear effect, Touch of the Darkness deals huge magic damage.
  • Twister Juggles, skill Alacrity. Level 1: When attacking an enemy increases its own attack speed. Level 2: When attacking an enemy significantly increases its own attack speed. Level 3: Every 10th attack reduces the target’s physical armor. Level 4: After 10 attacks on a single target, it deals additional damage.
  • Two Swords, skill Jump strike. Level 1: Jumps on the enemy and deals physical damage. Level 2: Jump deals increased damage. Level 3: Jump deals additional damage to frightened enemies. Level 4: Jump instantly kills the enemy if he has less than 30% HP left.
  • Consecrated Elves, skill Soul of the Forest. Level 1-2: Heals the ally with the lowest health level, as well as all nearby friendly units. Level 3: The Soul of the forest also imposes a short-term invulnerability on allies from debuff effects, Stun and Silence. Level 4: Allies who have become the target of the forest Soul and have less than 30% health gain a shield.
  • Apprentices, skill Lightning Burst. Level 1-2: Using a range attack, summons lightning that strikes the enemy and deals magic damage. Level 3: Summons additional 2: lightning bolts that hit 2: opponents vertically. Level 4: Additional lightning calls for two more lightning bolts that hit 2: targets horizontally.
  • Midwives, skill Mother’s Blessing. Level 1-2: When an enemy uses an ability, a Mother’s Blessing with a 50% chance increases the magic protection around the allies with the least magic protection, up to 4: characters. Level 3: If there is an enemy within the scope of the Mother’s Blessing, the effect of Silence is imposed on the enemy. Level 4: If an ally under the influence of the Mother’s Blessing receives magic damage, he temporarily receive a two-fold intelligence bonus.
  • Nymphs, skill Forest’s Fury (ex Nature’s Armor). Level 1-2: Every 12: seconds Forest’s Fury roots the strongest enemy and 4: closest characters to him. Level 3: Forest’s Fury also deals physical damage over time. Level 4: If Dryades are in the area of the effect, they receive periodic healing.
  • Leaf Guardian, skill Blinding Armor. Level 1-2: When blocking attack, there is a chance to lower the Accuracy of the attacking enemy and others closest to him. Level 3: Also imposes a Silence on targets of Blinding Armor. Level 4: Increases the chance of Blinding Armor triggering.
  • Batterers, skill Fighting Mastery. Level 1-2: When the health drops to 50%, the dodge chance increases. Level 3: When a soldier dodges a melee attack, he counterattacks. Level 4: The counter attack stuns the enemy.
  • Falconers, skill Lacerated Wound. Level 1-2: During a range attack, it inflicts physical damage over time on the enemy. Level 3: During a range attack, it inflicts physical and magic damage over time on the enemy. Level 4: During a range attack, it inflicts additional percentage damage over time on the enemy.
  • Silver Tips, skill Arrow Rain. Level 1-2: When hit by a range attack instantly produces an additional attack against the same target. Level 3: When a range attack is blocked, it decreases the block chance of the target. Level 4: When the soldier deals critical damage, he makes an additional 3: attacks against the same target.
  • Sisters of the Forest, skill Call of the Forest. Level 1-2: Summons the lynx fighting on your side. Level 3: Marks the enemy with the hunter’s mark. When a lynx attacks an opponent with a mark, it increases attack multiplier and base damage. Level 4: Attacks on an enemy with the hunter’s mark also heal the lynx.


  • Lumberjacks, skill Cleave. Level 1-2: Attacks additionally hit the two closest enemies. Level 3: Enemies under the Stun effect takes additional damage. Level 4: Stuns opponents who have dodged the soldier’s attack.
  • Death Prospectors, skill Stone Crusher. Level 1-2: Melee attacks decreases a physical armor of the target. Level 3: Attacks also decreases a magic defense. Level 4: When Death Prospectors are affected by increased physical defense, they become invulnerable to the effects of Stun, Push and Pull.
  • Diamond Cutters, skill Crystal Crash. Level 1-2: Every 12 seconds deals an explosive attack, that hits up to 4 targets by magic damage over time. Level 3: After a 5-second delay, the explosion is repeated, causing increased magic damage. Level 4: The second explosion also decreases the Intelligence of targets.
  • Mace Fighters, skill Crushing Might. Level 1-2: Attacks decreases dodge chance and attack speed, if the enemy is already under the effect of lowering the physical armor. Level 3: When soldiers attacks, they can taunts 3: closest enemies with 40% probability (but not more often than once in 2:.5 seconds). Level 4: When Mace Fighters have 10% health left, they get short-term Invulnerability and a three-fold increase in the attack multiplier.
  • Stubborns, skill Head Butt. Level 1-2: When attack is blocked, the effectiveness of the enemy’s block decreases. Level 3: When Stubborns take critical damage, they launch a counterattack that decreases the target’s critical attack multiplier. Level 4: If the Stubborns are attacked 10 times within 3: seconds, then they instantly Stun the nearest target.
  • Mechanics, skill Force Shield. Level 1-2: When soldiers receive melee damage, they deal magic damage to the attacker (no more than 1 time in one and a half seconds). Level 3: If an enemy is under the effect of periodic magic damage, Force shield also decreases the attack multiplier. Level 4: If Mechanics receive magic damage, they increase their Intelligence for the next attack.
  • Furnace Handlers, skill Furnace Blessing. Level 1-2: When soldiers take damage, they increase the physical defence of their closest allies, up to 6 targets. Level 3: It also gives a shield to allies with less than 50% health. Level 4: When enemy units use the ability, it has a chance to give closest allies immunity to decreasing characteristics.
  • Priests of Light, skill Blinding Nova. Level 1-2: When attacking remotely, it reduces the accuracy of the enemy Level 3: If the enemy has less than 50% HP left, the range attack has a chance to Stun the target. Level 4: If two effects, Stun and decreased Accuracy, are active on the target of a range attack, the enemy will not be able to increase their stats.
  • Sisters of Charity, skill Tasty Bread. Level 1-2: Every 8 seconds it casts a Periodic Healing on the ally with the lowest HP. Level 3: It also imposes a temporary invulnerability to debuffs on an ally. Level 4: It also increases the ally’s Attack Multiplier.
  • Kreim Arbalets, skill Tactical Advantage. Level 1-2: After attacking a Stunned enemy in melee, it is guaranteed to deal critical damage with the next attack. Level 3: The next attack is guaranteed to deal critical damage. Level 4: After a melee attack, range attacks ignore part of the defence.
  • Shield Shooters, skill On Guard! Level 1-2: Redirects part of the damage from the nearest hero to himself and increasing his own physical defence. Level 3: When attacking an enemy who is under the Taunt effect, it temporarily reduces the chance and effectiveness of the target’s block. Level 4: While the nearest hero has less than 50% HP, soldiers have an increased attack speed.
  • Heavy Crossbowmen, skill Flying Spears. Level 1-2: When attacking from a distance, it has a chance to push the enemy away. Level 3: A pushing shot also slows down the enemy. Level 4: If the range attack targets have a magic damage over time and Stun effect, the range attack deals increased damage with the Silence effect.


  • Troopers, skill Riposte. Level 1-2: When receiving melee damage, it deals a counterattack (no more than one per second). Level 3: Counterattack decreases the target’s base damage. Level 4: If the target of the counterattack has the effect of physical damage over time, counterattack deals additional damage.
  • Spearmen, skill Tactical Movement. Level 1-2: In case of a successful attack (not blocked), soldiers push the enemy away. Level 3: Pikemen also deal damage and push the enemy near the target. Level 4: Attacks slow down and deal increased damage to shields.
  • Halberdiers, skill Whirlwind. Level 1-2: After a successful attack, the soldier makes a powerful strike that deals damage to 3: opponents in front of him. Level 3: If at the time of the attack Halberdiers have increased attack damage multiplier, they cause increased damage and can hit up to 5 targets. Level 4: Soldiers deal increased damage to targets under the Taunt effect.
  • Mage Shields, skill Magic Shield. Level 1-2: Increases the magic defence of their closest allies. Level 3: When an enemy uses an ability, there is a chance to impose a Silent effect on it. Level 4: Soldiers redirect part of the received magic damage to the enemy with the highest intelligence.
  • Ulans, skill Serrated Tip. Level 1-2: Attacks inflict physical damage over time. Level 3: Attacks decrease enemy’s attack speed. Level 4: Every 5th attack decreases the multiplier of critical damage and critical chance of target.
  • Defenders, skill Bastion. Level 1-2: When soldiers take damage, they increase the block chance. Level 3: They also taunt 3: nearby enemies. Level 4: Redirects 50% damage from a nearby hero to themself.
  • Novices, skill Divine Healing. Level 1-2: The skill heals the ally with the lowest health. Level 3: If the target of healing is a soldier, then its characteristics increase. Level 4: When a friendly soldier dies, there is a chance to resurrect him.
  • Rust Mages, skill Acid Burn. Level 1-2: Range attacks decrease magic and physical defence of the target. Level 3: Attacks impose magic damage over time on the enemy. Level 4: After an attack, the enemy can’t get buffs.
  • Sparks Bearers, skill Shock. Level 1-2: When allies use the ability, there is a chance to summon lightning that strikes a random enemy (no more than once every 10 seconds). Level 3: Lightning marks the opponent, and the mark deals magic damage over time. Level 4: If a marked enemy takes magic damage, it emits lightning that hits another random enemy.
  • Bowmen, skill Art of Archery. Level 1-2: Soldiers set up barricades in front of them. Level 3: As long as the Bowmen have the effect of increasing the attack speed, the chance and effectiveness of their critical strikes increase. Level 4: When a soldier is attacked by a range attack, there is a chance to instantly fire back.
  • Shooters, skill Piercing Bolts. Level 1-2: The shot ignores part of the target’s physical defense. Level 3: If the enemy is slowed down, the shot deals additional damage. Level 4: If the enemy has the effect of decreasing the block chance, it deals additional damage.
  • Throwers, skill Dust in the Eyes. Level 1-2: Range attacks deal additional percentage damage, as well as additional damage to heroes and bosses. Level 3: Attacks decrease the damage multiplier of heroes and bosses. Level 4: Attacks also deal a percentage damage to big bosses.

Referral system

Now you can invite your friends to the game and get rewards! The best awards you can get — for friend’s achievements.
Below the avatar on the main screen friends icon now. By clicking it you’ll see all mates you’ve invited and rewards you’ll get by them.

How to invite a friend?

  1. Tap the Friends icon under your avatar and click “Get a link”.
  2. You will see a helper with rewards for you and your friend (this window opens 1 time per day).
  3. Click the “Get link” button again and choose a convenient way to send the invitation (messenger or email).
  4. When a friend receives an invite, they need to install the game by clicking on your referral link.
  5. You and your friend will receive a reward after he install the game. And then you will receive rewards for every 10 levels that your friend reaches.

Let’s play together! Invite your friends and be in the top!

Guild settings

An important change has been implemented to support Guild activity. Now, if the Guild leader is absent for more than 5 days, the leadership is automatically transferred to the next PvP ranked player.

This is a necessary measure so that Guild members can participate in sieges, and the Guild can live. Naturally, when the leader returns, the temporary ruler will be able to transfer the leadership back if desired.

If there is no active member in the Guild instead of the Guild leader, then this Guild will be hidden from the search list.

In addition, you can now change the membership level in the Guild settings, but changing the settings has become a paid service. You need to think before you change anything 😉 And settings are made by a separate button in the Guild Lock window.

Other omprovements

Heroes and soldiers:

  • Fiona was rebalanced: her icicles for ranged attack now have 100% chance to trigger, and for melee attacks have 50% chance.
  • Alexandra’s invulnerability now lasts 7 seconds instead 4.
  • Priorities for applying some skills were rebalaced: Rogmar can now jump on soldier; Kserker now jumps first on heroes, then on soldiers; and Leaf Guardian has priority first on soldiers, and then on heroes.
  • Human soldiers who recover health now have a long-range attack.


  • You can now buy shards of epic items for Boss coins in the 3rd and 4th level of the Guild Market.
  • Prices in all markets were rebalanced. XP potions are now cheaper

Rewards and items:

  • Marcatraz Island and Byrn Sewers now have 160 stages, and Crater Mines has 110 stages.
  • The cost of re-entering the Dungeon has become more expensive.
  • Dungeon coins now drop out in the chest for completing the Dungeon (instead of coming in the letter itself, as before).
  • Rewards for defeating the Black Dragon were rebalanced, now you will receive worthy prizes for level 11 and beyond.
  • You will receive not only rating points for winning the Arena battles, but also Arena’s Coins.
  • Rewards for Arena seasons were also increased. Both daily and weekly rewards will include more gold and Arena’s Coins, as well as Arena’s Soulstones.
  • On Miracles Field now you can get Fernar souls instead of Lunara souls.
  • Rewards for Enchanted Dust and Magic Scrolls Alchemy were updated. Now it consists new heroes and their corresponding equipment. Bread is also replaced in awards with Hourglasses.
  • There is more gold in the chests for defeating Roaming monsters.
  • For defeating Roaming monsters from level 31, you can now get uncommon equipment.
  • You can now get diamonds and common equipment for Grinding.
  • Since the last update reduced the number of guild members, and the next update will require fewer keys to open the Guild Chests. On the first chest after creating the Guild you will need 300 keys instead of 500. Then for the small chest you will need 500 keys instead of 1000, for the medium chest 2000 keys instead of 5000, and for opening the large guild chest you will need 10000 keys instead of 25000.
  • The first 3 leaders of the activity rating are now rewarded with XP potions instead of Bread.

Interface and account:

  • Up to 61 account level, you now need to accumulate more experience points. The maximum account level is still 60, but experience points will accumulate until the opening of 4 map sector.
  • We changed the location of buildings on the base (the main screen of the game) and optimized the space on the screen.
  • The “Settings” button is now located in the “Account” window (according to the player’s avatar).
  • The “Offers” window has now been moved to the “Store”.
  • Now you can view the contents of the Guild chest by tapping on it.
  • Apple users can now log in to the game using their Apple ID. We remind you that syncing your accounts with cloud services allows you to save your game progress even if you change your device or reinstall the game.
  • The “Display HP” setting in combat is now enabled by default.
  • If the Guild has not yet taken part in any of the Sieges, you can see the “To the Map” button in the “Siege” window inside the Guild interface.
  • We changed the view of the Roaming monsters window, which displays when you starting a misson. Now you can see possible reward for winning there.
  • Some interface bugs have been fixed, and the interface is still being updated to fit the new style.
  • A lot of bugs were fixed.


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