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[07.02.2022] January Update Chaos Lords 2.1

Lords and ladies!

We are excited to bring you the first Chaos Lords update for 2022.

This update was more focused on fixing bugs and refining the mechanics introduced in the restart of Chaos Lords 2.0. However, we’ve also added a new hero decay system, brought back crystal subscriptions, and added a new subscription that allows you to turn off ads in the game. The portal has started its work after a short break and offers an updated event “Field of Miracles”, and the number of floors in the dungeons has increased.

In this article, as always, we will consider all the changes in more detail.

Hero Dismantling System

We previously released a preview article detailing the new Hero Dismantling system. If you want to refresh your memory, then here is the link.

In this article, we will just once again briefly describe the mechanics.

The Hero Dismantling system allows you to “disassemble” the heroes you do not need and get “Hero essence” for this — a new material used as a currency in the new Essence market where you can buy souls of heroes.

Hero Dismantling system, as well as the Essence market, are located in the academy on a new tab. Access to them opens after completing the 20th mission of the campaign.

We’re happy with how this system fits into the game, and judging by the feedback, you’re enjoying it too.

By the way, in the future, Hero essence can be obtained not only by dismantling heroes, but also from various activities in the game.


We’ve made adjustments to some heroes’ abilities that were too strong, not strong enough, or didn’t work properly:

We will continue to make changes to the balance of heroes in the future.


We noticed that some novice players were having difficulties getting through the initial stages of the game. The main activity for them was the campaign, but depending on how lucky the player was or how “correctly” he leveled up, completing campaign missions after the 20th could be difficult.

We decided to give novice players an additional source of leveling and loot in the form of dungeons, which now open from level 15.

We’ve also added 5 missions to all dungeons that will make the progression of difficulty and rewards smoother for new players.

Portal and Miracles field

The portal is open again!

For those who haven’t played Chaos Lords before the restart, it’s worth telling what it is. The Portal is a special place in the game where limited-time events take place. In these events, players can receive valuable prizes, but for this they will have to actively participate in the game and complete the tasks of the events.

At the moment, the portal will host only one event, the Miracles filed, but over time we will add other events with valuable prizes.

The portal opens after the 25th campaign mission.

‘Miracles field’ event

We have redesigned the ‘Miracles field’ event for the new version of the game.

During the event, you will need to acquire “hammers” and use them to open the slots behind which the reward is hidden. You cannot know in advance which reward is hidden behind one of the 15 slots.

Unlike the previous version of the event, in which 1 free hammer was given out every day, and additional ones could be purchased for crystals, now hammers are issued for completing various tasks.

For example, buy items in the market, fight in the arena or attack a squad of roaming monsters on the map.

Additional hammers can still be purchased with crystals.


We have returned 2 paid crystal subscriptions. They are in the Store in the Subscriptions section.

By purchasing such a subscription, you will immediately receive a set of crystals. You will also receive a certain number of crystals every subsequent day for 30 days.

We have also added a subscription that disables ads in the game, but allows you to collect all ad bonuses.


We’ve added colored borders to all heroes’ portraits to reflect their rarity. This should make leveling and managing your army easier and more convenient.


  • Fixed the mechanics of the quest “Dressed to the point”. Due to the way the game counted the completion of the quest, there could be situations where a hero wearing a suitable set of armor did not count towards the completion of the quest. Now such situations should not occur;
  • Changed the requirements for raising the rank in the quest “Able” to the 5th rank, and in the quest “Genius” to the 7th;
    Changed the behavior of Beholder’s boss skill, which made him invulnerable to all damage when his health was less than 50%;
  • After selecting a boss in the leaderboard, the scrolling window returned to its original position. It should now stay where you scrolled to;
  • Player account level above 99 did not fit in the chat interface. Added automatic font size change;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the progress for the quests “Conqueror” and “Overlord” was calculated incorrectly;
  • In the fourth mission of the campaign, 5 souls of a peer hero were given out, which should not be there;
  • Changed the “lifetime” of letters with a reward from 12 hours to 1 week;
  • Increased rewards for top 3 places in the Arena;
  • Fixed a bug due to which, if a player completed a purchase at the Market after updating the assortment, then instead of the expected product, a new one was bought in its place;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the player could view non-existent heroes in the army that were already used to increase the rank;
  • When upgrading equipment using other improved equipment, the actual values ​​of the experience of improvement could differ from those displayed in the interface;
  • Fixed a bug where officers could edit guild settings but couldn’t apply them;
  • Souls of Order Xenara with different id were present in the game, because of which they were not combined in the inventory. Replaced them with correct ones. The souls that were in the players’ inventories have merged;
  • For help with the missions of nomadic monsters on the map, empty letters came. Added a reward in the form of gold;

See you in Tartesia!

— Marat “Rad_bonE” Sabitov, Community Manager @ Digital Pill


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