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[06.10.2020] June update of Chaos Lords

Lords and Ladies!

We are pleased to present to you the Chaos Lords update, version 1.14 . The most powerful world boss, balanced prices on the markets, changes in guilds and in the Arena, and many small but important improvements. Check out all the details in the article below.

The content of the article:

  • New boss Black Dragon;
  • Market updates;
  • Auto-battles in the Arena;
  • Guild changes;
  • Interface updates;
  • Other changes;
  • Bug Fixes.

The most powerful boss in the game!

In the last update, we added the Black Dragon to the training battles, and now it will come to the Tartesia in all its glory. The dragon truly becomes the most powerful monster in Chaos Lords. Which guilds could defeat this world-class boss? We shall see!

The Black Dragon can be found in 2 and 3 sectors on the world map and in the Siege of 26 and 45 regions.

The Black Dragon attacks enemies with a powerful blow of its front paws, shaking the ground, and strikes distant opponents with fireballs. In addition, it has a number of magical features. 

Passive abilities of the Black Dragon:

  • Fire breath — Long-range dragon attacks inflict damage on multiple targets.
  • Cleaving strike — Melee dragon attacks deal damage on multiple targets.
  • Scale armor — When the dragon’s health drops below 50%, it increases its physical and magical defense by 2 times.

Active abilities of the Black Dragon:

  • Frightful presence — When the dragon’s health drops below 50%, it emits a roar that repels and scares all enemies. Dragon attacks also get a chance to scare the enemy.
  • All-consuming flame — The fiery breath of the dragon deals damage to all enemies on the battlefield.

Markets Update

Favorable offers

The last update brought an unexpected (for many players) increase in prices for the most important products: experience potions, magic scrolls, and souls of heroes. These changes were necessary to balance the economy, but initially we planned to “customize” the markets and make each one of them a little special. We discussed it with the players in May in our Discord, and your feedback proved that the chosen direction was right. So, from now on profitable wares can be found in the respective markets.

  • Cheaper experience potions, souls of rare heroes, Boss soul stones are in the Guild market. Only rare heroes can be acquired from Boss soul stones now.
  • Cheaper magic dust, souls of the corresponding heroes, and Dungeon soul stones are in the Dungeon market.
  • Cheaper magic scrolls and souls of the corresponding heroes are in the Arena market.

Example prices at level 4 markets.

Updated Soul Stones

The game has already enough heroes of different origin, so they can be put in order for the classification of the soul stones. Now heroes of a certain race are aligned with a certain type of soul stones:

  • Guild soul stones — People;
  • Dungeon soul stones — Dwarves;
  • Arena soul stones — Elves;
  • Boss soul stones — Rare heroes;
  • Chaos soul stones contain the souls of all the heroes in the game.

In addition, chances of drop were changed – some heroes will drop more often. Also, we added the souls of Noyane, Enayon, Alexandra, Fiona and Amber to the markets.

Auto-battle in the Arena

Now in the Arena all battles take place only in the automatic mode. This makes the battles more fair, since now both the attacker and the defender are played by AI. The player has only the right to choose an opponent.

The “rule of 300 seconds” also works: if during this time no one can win in the Arena, the attacking player will lose, and the player in defense will be counted as victorious.

The max number of tickets available for the Arena is 5. But with the latest update, you can get additionally 1 ticket per hour, if you are actively fighting and spending tickets. You can also buy 5 tickets for 25 diamonds.

And remember that all the heroes in the game have their own characteristics and specialization: some heroes are better suited just for the Arena, others for missions or bosses.

Guild Changes

Number of Guilds members

Given the current state of the game and gameplay, the guild size of 50 people was considered too large. In this regard, guilds are limited to 15 people.

If there were more than 15 people in the guild at the time of the update, they will remain in the guild, but new players will not be able to join. We give players the opportunity to resolve this issue on their own, but in the future, it may lead to an imbalance due to the different number of guild members in the guilds, and appropriate measures will be developed later.

Guild Description

With this update, the symbols can be used in the description of the guild. This will allow you to add a link to your Telegram channel, Discord, or other ways of communication with your playmates.

Interface Update

Global UI Update

We began updating interface elements in all the game windows, so they will become more visually pleasant and more understandable. Updating the entire interface will take some time, but a start has been made!

Name in your language

We have added support in the player profile for the following languages: Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese. Now you can enter a name in your language!

Also, the game received a mature language filter in all available languages to minimize the amount of insults, the use of profanity in nicknames, and in relation to other players.

Facebook login

Besides updating the interface we added new features. Now, while the game is loading, you can connect it to Facebook. At the same time, the application automatically will connect to GameCenter or Google Play Games, so you can link the game to several accounts. If the game is not tied to GameCenter, Google Play Games, or Facebook, you will see a warning. When playing on a guest account, progress is not saved, and you cannot transfer it to another mobile phone or restore it in case of data loss due to any reason.

Other changes

  • Gold and diamonds rewards have been added to the Enchanted Dust Alchemy and Magic Scrolls Alchemy.
  • The drop of Enchanted Dust and Magic Scrolls is rebalanced: The amount of white dust and white scrolls is decreased. But the more missions you complete, the more likely you are to receive rarer items as a reward. In the last 45th episode on the map, you will have a small chance to get even the legendary dust.
  • Corrected descriptions of some abilities. We have pulled out the rarely used term Blind, which meant -50% accuracy..
  • The following descriptions and stats of the abilities were changed:
    • Alexandra’s “Light of Faith”;
    • Girana’s “Beat of the Griffin”;
    • Lucian’s “Strength of Heaven”;
    • Elf soldiers’ “Blinding Armor”.
  • Added an option to return to the map in the Siege Results window. If there is a lack of siege tokens, a window for buying tokens will be opened.
  • Improved rewards for the Regions Siege.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with improved rewards for Dungeon that were promised in the last update. Now for each stage you complete in the Dungeon there is a chest, rewards are improved and gradually increase as you progress through the Dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug with animation of soldiers and heroes movements.
  • Fixed a bug with aiming Diana’s “Poison Bomb” ability in the automatic battle mode: now she applies the ability to a living hero with the highest magic defense.

The world is getting out of lockdown step by step, summer is coming into its own, and we hope that you and your loved ones are all good. Our next update is expected to be closer to fall.

We wish you wonderful holidays and good luck in the battles!


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