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[05/13/2020] — Update Patch Notes

Dear friends!

We are happy to present you the update of Chaos Lords version 1.13 with a new event Miracles Field, a new epic hero Lunara, balance improvements, optimization and much more changes. Read more below in the article.

Also, in connection with the extension of the world quarantine, we continue to distribute daily energy (bread) for your army until the end of May.

Take care of yourself!


  • New hero
  • Event Miracles Field
  • Improvements
  • Balance
  • Bug fixes

New hero

Lunara, called The Last Hope, is a new elf, an epic support hero that significantly increases the combat capability of units. Born as cripple in a noble family, she achieved recognition through the study of science and magic, and subsequently saved her people and the evergreen forest of Il’dathu with magic that no one has ever seen before.

Her abilities:

  • The Equinox increases the attack and intelligence of allies, as well as removes all negative effects.
  • The Moonwind creates a shield that protects allies and also puts attacking opponents in stasis.
  • The Circle of Life allows you to resurrect fallen allies.

Game events

Miracles Field is a new game event available in the Portal. Now it will alternate with the Alchemist’s events.

In front of you opens a field with mysterious stone tiles that can only be broken with special Hand Hammers.

There are different ways to get those hammers:

  • get 1 free Hand Hammer per day;
  • complete additional tasks (as in the screenshot “Attack players in the Arena”);
  • buy (1 Hand Hammer = 100 diamonds).

Hand Hammers are not displayed in the Bag as consumables, because they disappear after the current event. Don’t forget to spend all the Hand Hammers until the end of the Miracles Field!


Now you can get titles that are displayed in your account under the avatar. Titles are awarded for material support of the project along with additional bonus awards. The more you buy — the higher the title!


You can see a new monster a Black Dragon on the update banner. For now you can meet it only in training, but in the future it will also appear as a boss on the world map.

Other improvements:

  • we added additional rewards for alchemy points;
  • we fixed display of bread at the entrance to the battle;
  • we added a red dot to the Mage Tower, signaling that free Soul stone is available;
  • we added hints on the question mark at the system events in the Portal;
  • we changed the filter of Guild members for officers: now inactive players will be shown at the top of the list of Guild members;
  • we improved interface for Alchemist events;
  • we removed the sound of victory and death of the soldiers.


We try to make the gameplay more fun at different stages of the passage, and to do this, we regularly work on the balance of battles, heroes, missions and events.

Endless Dungeon Chests

We improved rewards for completing the Endless Dungeon: now Chests are issued for each stage. The further you go, the more valuable the reward in the chests.

Other balance changes

  • We fixed the difficulty of 67 difficult mission.
  • The logic of applying the third abilities of Diana, Noyane and Enayon were changed, and now the heroes will use the ultimatum ability immediately when it ready.
  • The logic of applying the third ability of Rogmar was changed, and now the barbarian activates “Invulnerability” when he had 21% of his health left.
  • Prices of consumables in the markets was adjusted.
  • Blue scrolls will now appear more frequently in the markets.
  • Lunara and Alexandra are added to the rotation of Daily Heroes.
  • The awakened ability of Kserker was improved, and now he will reactivate the “Fury of the Fallen” every 20 seconds.

Bug fixes

  • The third ability of Sol was fixed, and now “Elite Sniper” will not be activated again.
  • “Breaker” task was fixed.
  • Sorting of dies in Alchemy event was fixed, and now the usual reaction is always at the top.
  • Falconers’ shots were fixed.
  • Some localization fixes were added.


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