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[04/08/2020] — Update Patch Notes

Dear friends, we are proud to present the Chaos Lords version 1.12. The Event system, two new heroes and multiple improvements are already in the game. We hope you’ll like in-game events. Read on for details!


  • Introduction;
  • New heroes;
  • Events;
  • Improvements;
  • Balance;
  • Bug fixes.


We are proud to present the Chaos Lords version 1.12. The Event system, two new heroes, and multiple improvements await you in the game. The key feature of the update is the long-awaited event system. The first of many planned events is the «Alchemy» — a time-limited opportunity to exchange your stored Enchanted Dust for glittering treasures.

Finally, we can’t leave the recent World events untouched. We’ve increased the Diamonds Mine income, and started free daily Energy distribution for a comfortable play.

Take care, friends!

New heroes


Noyane is a rare tank hero. The «Dark Moon» is a perfect hero to control the enemy backline. She taunts distant targets, hits enemies with Moonlight, and protects her allies with the ultimate ability «Dark Moon Blessing» that increases Magic defense and applies Heal over Time.


Enayon is an uncommon tank hero that has a wide range of utility skills. The «Bright Moon» strikes the opponents with the «Moon’s Wrath», and encourages allies to battle with «Moonlight». Her Ultimate ability protects the allies by increasing their physical defense and applying Heal over Time.


The long-awaited event system is implemented in Chaos Lords. You will see Magic Dust Alchemy and Magic Scrolls Alchemy events during the current update. A lot of additional game events are in-progress and will appear in the nearest future.

Events are located in Portal building, which becomes available you complete Campaign Mission 41 (Soul Stones were moved to the Mage Tower). Alchemy is a synthesis of the original component (Enchanted Dust or Scroll) with essence. During the event, the essence can be obtained from:

  • Dungeon Chest;
  • Roaming Monsters Chest;
  • Guild Chest;
  • Boss Chest;
  • As a reward for completing a Campaign or Grind mission.

The event’s mechanic is simple. You conduct an alchemical reaction and receive rewards. You also earn Alchemy points, that exchange for valuable rewards.


The improvements below were implemented to improve the overall quality of the game.

Legendary Equipment

Four new legendary items are available now.

The one-handed weapon, the two-handed weapon, the ranged weapon, and the magic weapon — one weapon type for each hero type.

A new weapon can be crafted from legendary equipment parts in Smith.

New Boss Equipment

Various Boss Sets were implemented in the game. You can obtain them after defeating the Boss.

Boss Equipment Enhance

The ability to enhance Boss Equipment was added to the game. The price for enhancing is the same for all kinds of Boss Items.

Other improvements

  • Campaign button was moved to the center of the «Home» screen;
  • Bug-report button was added to the error tab, so you can send a letter to technical support as the error occurred;
  • The progress bar now shows the number of souls received;
  • Additional language version for the chat: French;
  • Implemented the «close» button for PvP tab.


The key component of the game is the engaging gameplay throughout all stages. Therefore, the balance update is of importance. The following changes aimed to improve the game.


Level-design of some Campaign missions were completely rebalanced to provide new challenges and motivate different tactical approaches.

New Heroes in a Progress Bar

The number of playable heroes increases each update. Additional Uncommon heroes were added as a progress reward, so you can give them a try.

Diamonds Mine

The diamonds income increased: 1 diamond per hour, instead of 1 diamond per 3 hours.

Alpha Set rebalance

The set of the Giant Boar has been changed: the characteristics related to the block improved whereas the Evasion attribute has been removed.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed incorrect activation of evil heroes’ ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect mission power display.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect PvP history display.
  • Fixed a bug with Dwoggour heal animation.
  • Localization edits.
  • UI edits.


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