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[04.04.2022] April Update Chaos Lords 2.2

Lords and Ladies!

We are pleased to present you a new version of Chaos Lords.

In this update, we added new campaign difficulties, a new seasonal mode, brought back an old hero in new faction versions, worked on offers, and fixed various bugs.

Let’s take a closer look at all the changes.

Hero’s return

We have returned Lilein to the game, an epic elven archer who specializes in area damage and inflicting debuffs on opponents or improving her stats.

She returns in 5 factional versions, each with their own abilities.

Plains Lilein


  • Elven arrow. Lilein fires an ancient elven arrow that deals high damage to multiple enemies in the area;
  • Magic fetters. Lilein fires a magical arrow, stunning the opponent and dealing additional damage;
  • Magic arrows. After several attacks, Lilein fires a magical arrow, dealing additional damage.

Forests Lilein


  • Elven arrow. Lilein fires an ancient elven arrow that deals high damage to multiple enemies in an area;
  • Spiked arrows. Lilein fires a special arrow that inflicts temporary bleeding on the opponent;
  • Perfected movements. Lilein temporarily increases her attack speed.

Mountains Lilein


  • Elven arrow. Lilein fires an ancient elven arrow that deals high damage to multiple enemies in an area;
  • Piercing arrows. Lilein temporarily reduces the defense of several opponents;
  • Arrows of confusion. Lilein temporarily reduces enemy suppression.

Chaos Lilein


  • Elven arrow. Lilein fires an ancient elven arrow that deals high damage to multiple enemies in an area;
  • Lifesteal. Lilein’s attacks temporarily gain the Lifesteal effect;
  • Manasteal. Lilein temporarily reduces the mana regeneration of opponents.

Order Lilein


  • Elven arrow. Lilein fires an ancient elven arrow that deals high damage to multiple enemies in an area;
  • Weak link. Lilein deals increased damage with her shot. If an opponent is under the influence of a negative effect, he receives additional damage;
  • Slow Rune. Lilein temporarily reduces the attack speed of opponents.

Souls of all versions of Lilein have also been added to the Essence Market in the Academy.

New Campaign Difficulties

We know that many players still haven’t completed the game’s Campaign. Someone is stuck on one of the difficult levels, someone needs more resources for leveling.

We don’t want to reduce the difficulty of the campaign’s final missions, as completing all 300 levels should be a meaningful achievement for every player.

However, we also want to give players more leveling options and new missions to complete if you hit a very difficult mission and can’t complete it. In addition, new difficulties will be of interest to those players who have already completed all 300 missions.

2 new difficulties are now in separate tabs in the Campaign mode.

The Hard Campaign is unlocked after completing Mission 40 of the Normal Campaign. Very difficult after the 80th mission.

Each campaign consists of 300 missions. The composition of the opponents and the reward differs between all 3 difficulties. In other words, the 30th mission of the hard campaign will be different from the 30th mission of the normal and very hard campaign.

The rewards for completing high difficulty missions have also been increased. What’s more, each difficulty now has its own Path of Glory, where you can earn rewards for completing a certain number of missions.

2 new main quests for the hard and very hard campaigns have also been added to the Quests menu.

New Mode: Tower

With Update 2.2, a brand new seasonal mode has been added to the game. You can find it on the modes screen.

In Tower mode, you have to go through the floors to get to the very top and get the best rewards. The tower consists of 150 floors, where each next is more difficult than the previous one. Some floors have 2 rooms. You just need to pass one of them to make the next floor available.

Climbing to the very top is not an easy task! Passing each room requires Tower Energy. Energy is restored over time. The energy recovery rate can be seen by clicking on its counter. You can also buy extra energy with crystals.

Each floor and room has special conditions for passing. For example, a limit on the number of heroes of a certain faction, class, or rarity. These conditions are always displayed in the floor description and on the tactics screen before the start of the mission.

The first victory is always the most pleasant! Each first passage of a floor or room gives you an additional reward. Floors can be replayed an unlimited number of times.

Sometimes you may come across bonus floors. You do not need to fight in them and you can immediately pick up the reward by spending energy. It is impossible to pick up the reward from such floors again.

Tower mode is seasonal. This means that you have a limited amount of time to complete all the floors, indicated at the top of the screen. After the time expires, the progress of the tower will be reset. You will be able to go through the floors of the tower again, collecting first victory bonuses and rewards from bonus floors.

The upper floors of the tower can reward players with Chaos Runes, a special material that can be used to change the characteristics of equipment. It allows you to achieve higher characteristics than changing for gold or crystals.

A new main task for passing the floors of the tower has been added to the “Quests” menu.


At the request of the players, we have changed the number of steps, as well as the rewards in the “Dungeon Master” quest.


For the convenience of players, a hint about the requirements for increasing the rank of heroes has been added to the tutorial slides of the “Hero Upgrades” menu.


We have received feedback that some of the paid Promotions give too little for their value, and that some of the more expensive promotions are less profitable than a few cheaper ones.

We have changed the cost and content of several Promotions, and will continue to look at player feedback.


  • Fixed a bug due to which equipment worn by other heroes could not be displayed in the list;
  • Quick taps on the “Dismantle” button in the Hero Dismantling menu no longer cause a game error;
  • Fixed a rare tutorial error that appeared at the start of the 4th mission of the campaign;
  • Fixed an issue that caused Order Rogmar to deal super high damage to Siege Bosses. It was a terrible story!
  • Fixed a bug due to which heroes after being stunned, feared or sleeping could not use unique abilities;
  • Fixed the full screen in the Web version of the game;
  • Fixed the position of the heroes window on the tactics screen. UI elements should now be fully displayed on wide screens;
  • Fixed the number of Order Xenara souls in the Essence Market. Now their number is 10, as it should be;
  • Fixed the Beholder boss skill so that the endless “Resist!” pop-ups did not appear on the screen;
  • The “Second wind” skill of the Plains, Forests and Mountains Lunara is now activated only after the death of an ally in automatic battle mode;
  • Forest Ember’s Hellfire unique ability now only damages enemies;
  • The description for Forests Ember’s ability, Heart of Flame, now correctly states that Ember increases her attack;
  • Fargot’s unique ability has been nerfed in the course of work on a bug related to Rogmar of Order. This nerf is temporary and we plan to reverse it soon;
  • Chaos Lucian’s ability now makes him immune not to all damage, but only to debuffs.


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