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[02/28/20] – Epic Update Patch Notes

Dear friends, we proudly present to you the Chaos Lords version 1.11. Two new heroes, two new language versions and the long-awaited new server. Read on for details!


  • Introduction;
  • New heroes;
  • New servers;
  • Improvements;
  • Balance;
  • Bug fixes.


— The main feature of this version is the new server. By popular demands, we open new game worlds, where everyone could start the game from scratch. New heroes: dwarvish sniper Fargat and the first epic hero — Kserker. Minor improvements and polishes in almost all aspects of Chaos Lords for better player experience. Thank you for staying with us.

See you in Tartesia, hero

New heroes


Kserker is the first Epic hero in the game. He is an elf melee warrior that deals massive AoE damage. The Black Mass allows him to instantly charge the enemy backline, wreck the most vulnerable targets such as mages and healers, and then slaughter the enemy’s frontline that lacks burst damage to withstand Kserser’s attacks.


Fargat is a rare ranged hero. Skilled crossbowman Fargat gradually deprives the enemy physical defense, grants accuracy buff to the allies, and deals with the toughest targets thanks to the «Elite Sniper» ability.

New servers

Two new servers implemented: EU 1 with the optimal connection for Europe and RU 1 optimized for the CIS countries. You can choose any, but we recommend you adhere to the geographical principle for the best game experience.

You can select a new server in the “Settings” tab. After you go to a new server, you will start the game from scratch. You can always return to the previous server and continue playing, from the moment you left it.

When changing the server, you will see the following window:

By clicking “Confirm”, you will switch to another server


We have added numerous improvements that will improve the overall perception of the game. A significant part of the improvements is based on players’ feedback. Thank you very much for making Chaos Lords better.

Starting units

We changed the starting units for different heroes to introduce players to the diversity of Chaos Lords’ soldiers. Heroes start with the soldiers of their race. Rare and epic heroes begin their journey with units of the higher rank.

New language versions: Chinese and French

Chaos Lords was warmly welcomed in France and China. For their better expirience, we have added the appropriate language versions.

Other improvements

  • Added a red dot on the grind button, indicating the presence of an hourglass;
  • Added a red button on the map button, signaling the presence of events;
  • Improved PvP interface;
  • Added the ability to remove all heroes in the “Tactics” tab;
  • Inventory will no longer scroll up after item dismantle;
  • Removed darkening of locked heroes;
  • Sounds added on struckture buildings;
  • The chat now displays the player’s level;
  • Optimized buttons on the Progress tab.


  • Heroes’ souls drop from Soul Stones balanced;
  • The number of heroes souls received from the Progress awards has been changed;
  • Difficult missions rewards changed;
  • Rare souls appearence chance on the market increased;
  • White scrolls amount increased in the early stage of the game;
  • The souls of Fargate, Kserker and Fiona added to the market;
  • PvP rewards changed;
  • Added 5 second delay of ultimate abilities in PvP mode;
  • The complexity curve of the starting missions changed;
  • Increased the amount of green potions of experience gained in the early stages of the game;
  • Evil Kerker has appeared in missions and as part of the Roaming Monsters group.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with a red dot in the guild;
  • Fixed bug with incorrect bread display;
  • Fixed «Close» button in Ratings;
  • UI edits;
  • Technical fixes;
  • Localization edits.


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