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[01/29/20] – Major Update Patch Notes

Chaos Lords Major Update

Greetings, friends!
Brand new Chaos Lords major update is available on Appstore and Google. New hero, Dungeons rebalance, game’s economy optimization, and much more. Read on for details!


  • Introduction;
  • New hero;
  • Improvements
  • Balance;
  • Offers;
  • Bug fixes.


We are gladly present the first update in 2020. Meet Chaos Lords 2.1 version. Game’s economy optimization, UI improvement, Endless Dungeons, World Bosses, and Heroes rebalance. New mage hero — Fiona, and a lot of slight but essential changes almost in all aspects of the game. Thank you for staying with Chaos Lords.

See you in Tartesia, hero.

New Hero


«Northern Blizzard» is ready to wreck winter’s fury upon the enemies.
Fiona is a new ranged hero specializing in powerful evocation spells. She launches ice arrows in multiple targets. Deals enormous damage to a single target. While her Ice Armor ability, allows Fiona to be of help on the front line.


We have added numerous improvements that will improve the overall perception of the game.

New Login Rewards

A new login reward cycle has started. The main idea remains the same, but with better rewards.

Power UI

The numbers in Power interface were clumsy and hard to read, especially in thousand and million values. We have added spaces after thousands and millions to ease perception.

Intelligence Bonus UI

Displaying the damage bonus as % from intelligence was confusing and unclear for the majority of players. We replaced the percentage display with exact numbers to ease abilities understanding.

Possible equipment display during puzzle purchase

When buying parts of equipment on the market, it will be possible to see the list of all items that you can forge from them.

«Craft available» display

When you gather enough equipment pieces, a green checkmark will appear upon the puzzle icon, signaling that you have enough puzzles for the craft.

Other improvements

  • A red dot implemented to the Guild building, signaling that you have Guild’s activities available;
  • A red dot added to the Portal building, showing that you have new Soul Stones;
  • PvP tab improved;
  • Notifications now rely on your time zone;
  • Guild and Raid «Helpers» set up to date;
  • Item descriptions updated.


During the last update, the game’s economy came through significant changes. This update, we complete the economy rebalance by remaking the markets, items’ prices, and final edits of resources gain.

Changes also affected World Bosses, Endless Dungeons, as well as some unpopular heroes.



Uland showed himself poorly as a warrior while he has good utility abilities with nice protective potential, which is the prime feature of tank heroes. “Infernal Hammer” has great ultimate skill. In contrast, his common and awakened abilities are considered weak due to the low trigger chance and Uland’s lack of attack speed.

  • Uland class set to tank.
  • Ram: Activation chance increased, enemy movement speed, and attack speed reduction improved.
  • Ancestral Power: Activation chance increased


An uncommon support hero Aatu was poorly associated with a support hero. We significantly enhanced his defensive abilities while removing any damage from them. Now, the “inconsolable Mage” has a particular role on the battlefield and can become a key Hero of numerous strategies.

  • Fog Cloud: Activation chance increased. Enemy’s accuracy debuff improved. Additional animation added to underline the ability usage.
  • Smoke Screen The dodge bonus is significantly increased. The ability radius increased. The duration of the Smoke Screen slightly reduced.
  • Shroud: Ultimate ability no longer deals damage, but significantly reduces enemy movement and attack speed. Ability duration increased.


Rogmar’s “Jump” was triggered on a random target with a small amount of maximum health. At the same time, the battle’s outcome often depended on random. Now Jump only works on heroes or Bosses. When using the ability, Rogmar chooses the target with the minimum amount of maximum health.


Big changes were made in markets since the old pricing has ceased to match the price of goods. We also improved the markets’ interface and implemented various edits.

  • Products on the market now have constant sorting;
  • All markets’ prices changed;
  • Hourglass moved to the market;
  • Chests became cheaper and now contain more resources;
  • Energy cost reduced;
  • Soul stones are available on the market. Their cost reduced;
  • Alexandra’s and Ember’s souls now available on the market;
  • Markets levels changes: fewer levels, more relevant goods;
  • Added “sale” – when updating the market there is a chance to get a discount on random good;
  • Markets’ update cost lowered;
  • Markets’ auto-update time decreased;
  • Ore cost lowered.


  • Dust and scrolls convert cost lowered;
  • Arena update price reduced;
  • The abilities’ upgrade price reworked;
  • Changed the number of souls needed to increase stardom, depending on hero rarity;
  • The number of diamonds is possible to receive changed;
  • Soul Stones drop rate changed;
  • Equipment pieces drop rate changed ;
  • Pieces of “unusual” equipment added to Grind drop.

Dungeons and World Bosses

Let’s be honest – «Dungeon» is a boring mode. That is the main issue of Dungeons. Mostly because of the repetitive gameplay with the long-lasting session. When the first stages are challenging for new players, by the time player opens the second dungeon, it becomes a routine. In this update, we made the first step towards Endless Dungeons’ remake.

Markatras Island

The first dungeon is a real challenge for new players. We have weakened the early stages to facilitate their passage. At the same time, we strengthened the late stages, making them a real challenge for the players and also dramatically increasing rewards for them.

  • The first fifteen stages weakened;
  • 60+ stages hardened.

Sewerage Byrne

Even though the Sewers require a different strategy, when a player opens the second dungeon, it is easy to reach the same stage as in Markatras. We empowered the enemies and also added more power to the ranged enemy units.

  • Monsters power doubled;
  • Range units buffed;
  • Dungeon reward increased.

Crater Mines

Crater Mines is a dungeon for high-level players and a real challenge.

  • The starting power of opponents set to 500,000 power;
  • Enhanced enemy heroes;
  • Rewards enormously increased.

We will continue to work on the Endless Dungeons. Further changes will affect lvl-design to deeper gameplay and diverse player experience.

World Bosses

We have increased the starting power of the World Bosses, to make them an activity worth an entire Guild efforts.

Other balance changes

  • Roaming monsters reward changed;
  • Additional Roaming monsters assistance attempts cost lowered;
  • Changed the cost of pumping the abilities of heroes;
  • Changed the number of fragments needed to collect “unusual” equipment;
  • Daily quests changed;
  • Elf healers slightly changed;
  • 79th mission weakened;
  • Guild creation price changed.

Bug fixes

  • Portal animation fixes;
  • Fixed a bug with a red dot;
  • Fixed a bug which displayed 40 souls instead of 20;
  • Fixed a bug with Falconers’ Visual Effects;
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect timer display;
  • Fixed a critical bug which does not allow the application to get access on Android devices;
  • Fixed a bug with some units wrong sound effect;
  • Fixed a bug with Fandar’s ult;
  • Fixed a bug which allows Lydia to inflict increased damage to targets not affected by bleed effect;
  • Fixed a bug with a new hero opened with two stars;
  • Removed the possibility of unlimited Guilds creation;
  • Numerous minor UI and localization edits.


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